When Aging Hits Home

How to help your parents keep their independence.

As our parents get older and our adult lives get busier, things change…a lot. They used to take care of us and gave their all preparing us for adulthood, now it’s our turn and we want to keep an eye on them, as they enjoy their golden years.

Whether your parents have recently had a health scare and are in recovery but still want to maintain their independence and stay at home in familiar surroundings – or if they are on the go but still want the security of being able to call for help if needed – the experts at Bermuda Security Group (BSG) know that family is at the heart of everything and have been the leading suppliers of life safety solutions in Bermuda for decades.


If your loved one lives alone at home, or is by themselves for the better part of the day, having a wearable two-way alert system will allow them to feel confident and safe.

If they happen to have a fall or need help, a simple push of a button will get a live operator on the two-way device to respond 24/7 365 days per year.

The personal device can be worn as necklace or a wristwatch style product.

BSG Home Alert system has a base station that will alert you if it needs to be serviced and will work even when the electricity fails. It is a smart solution so family and loved ones can rest easy knowing mom or dad is home safe.

with wearable BSG On-The-Go Alert

Dad is still active, and is busy with friends, errands and activities. But, he has a heart condition that makes him a little cautious. The On-the-go alert device can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant on a neck chain.

He can drive or take public transportation all around the island with the cellular based technology and have help at hand. If he needs advice or help, he can simply press a button and be immediately connected to our dedicated call centre who can either give advice, contact the designated names on the call list or call the hospital as needed.

Contact Rajiv Mallory at Bermuda Security Group for more information rmallory@bsg.bm or 292-8181.

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