Welcome to our 2020 Contractors Awards!

When we talk about our homes it seems we can’t get far without singing the praises of our favourite contractors. The ones who go above and beyond to provide amazing service. They come at all hours to save your bathroom when the plumbing breaks, make your gardens bloom and are there to tile, paint and decorate your house to make it a home that’s truly yours.

By far our most anticipated and exciting issue each year, we’re happy to bring you our Contractors Awards and to celebrate those who stood out in their field in 2020.

When it comes to your home, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the various odd jobs, and sometimes larger dreams, that you want to accomplish. Where do you even begin to start, right?! While doing it yourself can be a possibility in some cases, we are big believers in trusting an expert on jobs that require skill and technique.

We know that picking the right contractor can make the difference between a job being done right the first time or becoming a complete nightmare. For most homeowners, the hardest part of any home project isn’t the work itself – it’s finding a competent and reliable contractor to do the job.

With our Contractors Awards, we look at not just the larger mainstream companies but also smaller vendors and specialty contractors. Our awards are also a great opportunity for contractors big and small to talk about their trade and share their business with the island throughout the year.

2020 is a year that most would like to forget, and our Contractors were definitely hit hardest with lockdowns, curfews and COVID regulations. But Bermuda remains resilient and there were many who rose up to the challenges and their businesses continued to thrive!

Let’s celebrate and support those businesses that keep our homes secure, functional and looking their best!


To select the Winners and Honourable Mentions for this years awards, we decided to change it up from our normal surveying of Realtors. This year we assembled 6 industry experts who together made the decisions on who stood out in 2020. Our panel are a group who over the past year have worked with a wide variety of contractors in many fields and rely on their support for their clients and businesses.

Our Expert Panel Included:

Simon Tully, President of the Construction Association of Bermuda

Will Irvine, Owner of Lighthouse Construction & Project Management

Sharika Tucci, Owner and Property Manager at Masterkey Management Ltd.

Vince Hunt, Manager at DHPS Limited

Jane Burt, Owner and Broker of Think Real Estate

Akilah Swan, Principle Designer & Creative Director at Aina Curated

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