Welcome to our 2018 Contractors Awards!

It’s that time of year again, where we praise our award winners and talk all things contractors. They are the ones we turn to for help when improving our homes. However picking the right contractor can make the difference between a job done right and an utter nightmare. That’s why this month is all about who stood out in 2018, where to find them and what ask when working with them.

Throughout the year we are constantly running into people who work on some sort of aspect of the home. From security companies to general contractors to tech gurus to surveyors we are lucky enough to hear about them, see their awesome work and learn more about their trade. 

At its core, that is what our Contractor Issue and our annual Contractors Awards are all about. Not only does it praise contractors for a job well done but also it’s the opportunity for contractors big and small to talk about their trade and share their business with the island. As a small business we know how hard is it to get your name out there and in Bermuda reputation means a lot. 

Word of Mouth:

It can be difficult to hire contractors and know what you’re getting. Word of mouth is so important, especially on such a small island. Many of our contractors are small businesses and run solely on client referrals and recommendations. 


As a property based magazine, we turn to our Realtors who are the ones that vote on the contractor awards. Working with many contractors when preparing for a new listing or working with their clients, a Realtor can act as a trusted resource for how you can find a quality contractor. Not just for large projects but smaller ones as well.

Our “Go To” List:

We wanted to create a yearly “go to” list of trusted contractors for homeowners. For most homeowners, the hardest part of any home project isn’t the work itself; it’s finding a competent and reliable contractor to do the job. Our Contractor Awards acts as a handy list to refer to when you need a project done. Not just of larger mainstream companies but also smaller vendors and specialty contractors.

In the end we are proud of how popular our Contractor Awards have become and are happy to give winners some time in the limelight. We love offering a platform for companies to get their names out there, showcase their skills and talk more about their trade. Check out this year’s “go to” list! 

Our surveys were conducted as anonymous online questionnaires as well as in person anonymous voting. Results were tallied by the IPN team based on the responses given. We hope to continue to grow and evolve our awards to make them bigger and better for next year!

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