Welcome to our 2017 Contractors Awards!

They are our go to guys, the ones we turn to when somethings broken, run down, or mysteriously not working. As “DIY” as this generation has become, there are some things you just need a contractor for. This month is where we talk all things contractors with our 3rd Annual Contractors Awards! From how to find one to who’s popular to when you need one to what to ask for before hiring.

We work with so many different kinds of contractors here at Island Property News, many of which act as experts for our tips and articles. We ask them for information as much as we can! Our Realtors also work with many contractors when preparing for a new listing or working with their clients. A Realtor can act as a trusted resource for how you can find a trusted contractor It’s only natural that when selecting our Contractors Awards, that we turn to our Realtors, to weigh in on who they think is the best in their field, where do they find their contractors and what do they look for.

Word of Mouth:

On an island as small as ours it’s no surprise that word of mouth is how most of us find out about things. Contractors are no different apparently. Almost all our Realtors said they found many of their contractors through word of mouth and also pay it forward by sharing their favorites with others. Which makes a solid point to contractors to pay attention to customer service! It goes a long way!

While word of mouth is the reining method for finding contractors over the past couple of years, we are happy that IPN has also become a source for finding them too. We strive to find experts in their field and showcase contractors when we can. We are also a perfect place for smaller contractors to get their name out directly to their demographic. We are happy it is paying off!

Needed the Most:

With a variety of listings and locations it’s not hard to see that our Realtors may need a contractor here and there. But what kind? When we asked them what type of contractor they sought out the most it was a bit of a mixed bag. Plumbers were a popular choice along with painters. However cleaners and general handyman were needed sometimes too. Which leads us to believe that the smaller specialized contractors are what Realtors need the most.

Where Are You?

Talking about smaller contractors, these happen to also be the kind the Realtors have a hard time finding. It’s easy to find a large firm who can handle a major renovation but what if you’re just looking for a general handyman? Realtors seem to not be able to find contractors for small jobs. We have had a similar answer over the past couple of years. We know there are a number of individuals and small companies all over Bermuda that might be able to do these jobs. Perhaps they aren’t able to promote themselves fully? People are looking for you! Now you know who , let us help.

Good Old Reliable:

The number one quality Realtors, and we think everyone, looks for in a contractor is reliability.  It was said so often, that we are starting to think maybe this might be a problem in Bermuda? The work and customer service from contractors may be declining in light of the fact that so many people are having a hard time finding one that is reliable. Many Realtors want someone who is honest, takes time to evaluate and explain a project, and does what they say they will do. It came down to the basics of needing to be trustworthy, punctual, accessible, cost conscious, and communicating well & quickly.


Our surveys were conducted as anonymous online questionnaires. Results were tallied by the IPN team based on the responses given. We hope to continue to grow and evolve our awards to make them bigger and better.

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