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No matter which way you cut it, you just can’t beat a professional touch or the knowledge and experience a professional can provide. In the era of DIY, there are just some projects that you can’t afford to cut corners on or be done poorly or incorrectly – tiling and stonework are definitely some of those areas.

Uneven tile or crooked counter tops are something you definitely don’t want in your home so it’s important to make sure it’s done properly, spaced evenly and sealed well and, that the material you’ve chosen works for your space.

That’s where professionals, like Surface Trends, come in. With over thirty years experience in supplying and installing stone and tile we offer a full service, boutique style, custom stone shop. We are able to help you find the right material for your project and offer the best advice on how those materials will perform, adapt and last in your home. We also have a fully qualified crew of installers that can see your project through at the highest quality.

We’re with you the whole way through your project from choosing the right stone or tile and custom cutting to size for projects of any specification, to laying stone or tile in lobbies, foyers, kitchens, bathrooms, pools, or balconies. Reliability and experience is what you need in a contractor and something you can’t get on your own. Having someone there who knows the best solutions, how to handle any issues, or simply the best materials to pick is priceless.

There are times where you’re imagination and your skills don’t match up – many of us can dream it but just don’t have the skill set to implement it. Not all of us are Bob Villa and that’s OK. Professionals are able to take your ideas and make them a reality. With the only two fully computerized CNC machines in Bermuda, anything is possible at Surface Trends. We stock hundreds of various styles, colors and finishes and with suppliers from around the globe, we can source and procure any stone or tile you may be considering for that special project – giving you unlimited choices. We can cut the stone or tile to any shape and style. If you imagine it, we will do our best to deliver, thus bridging the divide between what your imagination can dream up and what you’re skills can accomplish.

If you’re itching to get handy, pause for a second and really think through the extent of your project. How big or complicated is it? Do you have the skills and resources to do it? If there’s any hesitation, consider consulting a professional for advice or help. High quality materials and installations may cost more but are definitely worth it, both in durability and peace of mind. Having that knowledge, expertise, and security during a project is priceless.

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