Turning Trash into Design Treasure

My husband is very sentimental. He loves hanging on to old things with meaning or history. In today’s disposable society, it’s refreshing to give items reserved for the trash a new purpose.

Our homes should be reflections of things that make us comfortable, items we find beautiful or interesting but most importantly, treasures that mean something to us.  Sure, our spaces need updating every once in a while but that doesn’t mean we have to throw all the old stuff away. It’s a chance to have fun with your decor and create stunning new pieces of art.

Let’s start with that cupboard full of mismatched plates. Much like those missing socks, over the years we lose, give away or break the occasional piece of dinnerware but that doesn’t mean the leftovers have to go to the trash. Arrange them on the walls for a fun display! By themselves small pieces can get lost but when you group them together they make a statement.

With changes in temperature and humidity, wooden shutters will eventually need replacing but that doesn’t mean they have to go the dump. With a little basic carpentry and paint they can be repurposed into anything from a magazine rack, to a table, even a rustic headboard. Give them a new paint job to match your home with a decorative paint like Chalk Paint® By Annie Sloan to keep the distressed look.

Old wooden windows can be turned into anything from frames, to chalkboards, or even table tops.  Give the wood and glass a good cleaning then a new paint job to freshen up.

If you love this look but don’t have any old pieces lying around, check around at yard sales, consignment stores, even the dump! Some people don’t know what they’re throwing out.

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