Top 10 Tips

  1. Hurricane winds can cause trees and branches to fall, so before hurricane season trim or remove damaged trees and limbs to keep you and your property safe. Assess the rest of the property for areas of weakness; loose railings, gates and light fixtures can cause property damage during high winds.
  2. Create that perfect playlist! Sit down and organize your favorite music into a playlist that pumps you up. Then dance the night away! Some of our favourites “Umbrella” by Rihanna or “Rock you Like a Hurricane”  by The Scorpions.
  3. Host your friends so you’ve got company during the storm. Make sure there is enough space for everyone to comfortably sleep (as some storms last overnight). Ask everyone to come early to ensure they make it before the storm hits and you’ve got extra people to double check all the safety precautions.
  4. Build or restock your basic disaster supplies kit, including food and water, a flashlight, batteries, chargers, cash, first aid supplies, and most importantly the rum.
  5. Occupy the kids by having them decorate t-shirts – gather up some supplies (markers, paints, stencils and any other art supplies) and get creative. They can spend hours designing their own shirt they can wear over and over again.
  6. Evaluate areas that may be prone to flooding and ensure storm drains are clear. Be sure you have a place to put all your outdoor furniture, equipment and pool items in the event of a storm.
  7. In terms of food, there’s a good chance the power will go out so stock up on food that does not need to be refrigerated. Yes, this means junk food. Enjoy your free pass to binge eat Ben & Jerrys, you don’t get opportunities like this much anymore. Just get ready to burn off the hurricane fifteen after the storm passes, yes that’s a thing.
  8. Have an indoor picnic – Light a candle and pop some champagne to turn this evening into a romantic outing with your sweetie. Don’t forget the picnic blanket and wicker basket!
  9. If you have generators, ensure they are properly maintained, tested and that there is an adequate supply of fuel available.
  10. Learn how to make the perfect Hurricane:
    Batten down the hatches and ride out an
    approaching storm safely whilst enjoying
    this fruity and festive cocktail.


                      2 ounces light rum

                      2 ounces dark rum

                      2 ounces passion fruit juice

                      1 ounce orange juice

                      Juice of a half a lime

                      1 tablespoon simple syrup

                      1 tablespoon grenadine

                      Orange slice and cherry for garnish

Squeeze juice from half a lime into cocktail
shaker over ice. Pour the remaining ingredients
into the cocktail shaker. Shake well. Strain into
a hurricane glass. Garnish with a cherry and
an orange slice.

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