Throw a Hopping Hurricane Party

Holding a hurricane party has become somewhat of a Bermudian tradition. During the seriousness of a storm it’s nice to have some friends to kill the time. Holding a party at your home provides a safe and stress free refuge for those friends with smaller places (or those who have waterfront properties!).

Here are a few tips to throw the perfect, and safe, hurricane party for you and your friends.

First, as it’s your house that’s hosting you want to make sure there is plenty of room for the people you’ve invited. Make sure there is enough space for everyone to comfortably sleep (as some storms last overnight). Ask everyone to come early to ensure they make it before the storm hits and you’ve got extra people to double check all the safety precautions.

Second, it’s all in the company you keep. Don’t invite people over that you can’t stand to be around for more than a day (That friend who is an annoying drunk and then even more annoying snorer should probably stay off the invite list). In exchange for a place to stay and party, guests are often expected to contribute supplies. They should bring over extra water, blankets, safety kits, radios, batteries, any perishable or frozen food, games and alcohol.

Third, it’s not a party without food and drinks. A good idea is to cook up meat before the storm and freeze it (frozen meat stays that way for up to 3 days and can act as ice packs before becoming some yummy snacks). We all know the power is probably going to go out so ask guests to “clean out the freezer” and bring stuff over. Eat the items that will spoil quickly, there is no reason for all that food to go to waste. Stock up on water and if you decide to drink make sure you’ve got a sober friend to keep an eye on things.

Finally, kill time with plenty of activities. Chances are you’ll be stuck for more than a few hours so stock up on games, books and other non-electronic entertainment.

radioFor those of you with a dark sense of humor create a hurricane play mix. Our favs…
Umbrella – Rihanna
Rock You Like a Hurricane – Scorpions
Hurricane – Bob Dylan
It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls
Lost In The Flood – Bruce Springsteen
One Of The Survivors – The Kinks


As much fun as it is to throw a party, remember the seriousness of the situation.

Check in with family and friends often and listen to the radio for updates. Make the best of a bad situation and spend your next hurricane at home with friends.

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