The Origin of KAM Restoration & Cleaning Solutions

After serving many years in the tile/stone industry, I developed a passion and appreciation for beautiful floors & walls. Over the years, I studied the origin and characteristics of all types of surfaces, many of what you’d find in the bathroom. Based on my knowledge and experience, together with my love for cleaning and restoration I decided to start KAM Restoration & Cleaning Solutions.

In Bermuda there are many cleaning companies. However, general cleaning alone does not restore the wall or floor to where it should be. By using the appropriate cleaning solutions and applying the best possible cleaning & polishing procedures most surfaces can be returned to their original state or be made to look and feel much better.

Bathrooms are areas of the home or business that endure the most traffic. Over a period of time, bathroom floors & walls can become dirty, worn and dull looking. In addition to restoration and cleaning, we provide the customer with consultation on how to maintain and keep their bathroom looking clean and polished. We also supply quality grade chemicals for daily cleaning, green cleaning, and also products for specific cleaning situations such as mold/mildew, odor control & sanitizing.

What sets us apart from general cleaners is first researching what type of surface we’re restoring, how the surface became soiled, stained or worn and how best to bring it back to life.

Using only quality industry grade cleaning solutions & sealers for each application is the key. For ceramic & porcelain restoration, it’s necessary to deep clean the grout lines and surface of the tiles and extract the dirt & bacteria that lies within the grout. With natural stone we prefer ‘natural’ polishing vs. waxes or other harmful chemicals that only provide a synthetic shine and will eventually damage the surface.

In the end our goal for every project is to leave the customer with a clean, polished & protected surface that is much easier to maintain and adds to the beauty of their home or business.

We take pride in meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations. For us it’s a great feeling when the customer is happy about the before & after look of their bathroom restoration.

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