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It is with great pleasure that the CAOB is once again a sponsor for the IPN Contractor Awards for 2018. 

What we love about these awards is that they are compiled and voted on by Realtors that use vendors that are outside of the mainstream, to some extent. Realtors that need small tasks taken care of, the faucet changed or cedar lining of closets, are carried out by companies that in other jurisdictions would be best described as a ‘mom and pop’ operation.

These smaller companies sometimes are made up of no more than four or five employees, however in no way shape or form does the moniker of ‘mom and pop’ take away from the professionalism that these companies and employees project to the community and the pride that they have in taking care of the customer.

In communities like Bermuda, word of mouth is sometimes more valuable to customers than flashy ads, leading some small contractors to barely advertise – heck, sometimes you can’t even track them down to get them to even give you a quote, let alone carry out a job for you! That’s because these folks are so good at what they do that they have a loyal following, and take care of those that take care of them – namely real estate agents and their colleagues who have clients that just want the job done right the first time. 

Properties will always require some form of maintenance, from tank cleaning to window changing, and this is where long term relationships occur – one well known general contractor has a saying that in his trade, they work themselves out of a job, as once they have built the house there is nothing more to do. How wrong could he be!  

Construction in Bermuda is the next 3-5 years will hinge on the global fortunes of the largest economies, and shifts in confidence of those economies will affect whether or not new construction or renovations are a boom or a bust here locally, as foreign investors with the cash to spend on homes and the trickle-down effect that they have will denote how well local contractors will fare. 

Well maintained homes and honest vendors will consistently be in demand due to the high standards that we set for ourselves, which sets Bermuda apart from the rest if the Caribbean. 

These standards will be for naught if we don’t educate and train the younger generations in the skills that it takes to carry out basic trades such as carpentry, masonry, electrical and plumbing. Passing on knowledge in an increasingly technological world only goes so far as the basics, as advances in chemicals used in paints and coatings, non-traditional building materials and even tools and fasteners call for increased training that can only come from technical education and continuing education. 

Advances in technology are only useful if they are harnessed and applied, using these skills make our traditional Bermuda homes and gardens bright, colorful, and built to last for generations. Take note of the skilled tradesmen – they will always be in demand!!!

The Construction Association of Bermuda (CAOB) is dedicated to making the construction industry safer, more efficient, more competitive and better able to contribute to the development of Bermuda. Visit CAOB at

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