Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

Ella Fitzgerald on the radio, chillin’ on the beach, shootin’ the breeze and feelin’ fine…all summer long. Unless you’re a teenager or a long-term tourist, that’s not quite how most of us spend summer in Bermuda. Instead, we get the hot, sticky nights, itchy noses, frizzy hair and never-ending mould.

So say goodbye to all that stickiness this year and say hello to cool comfort and a healthy humidity level. High humidity promotes mould and dust mite population growth, both of which are indoor allergens that can set off allergic sensitivity and trigger rhinitis and asthma. These allergens depend on warm temperatures and high humidity to live and grow so, to lower the mould and dust mite growth, keep the humidity inside your home at 50 percent or lower. By keeping humidity levels within comfort range, you’ll not only keep allergies under better control, but you’ll keep your body safe as well.

And while you’re getting ready for summer, take time this month to check your air-conditioning system, so you’re well prepared for switching on as soon as the heat starts to climb. If you haven’t had your system checked by an expert in quite a while, consider getting it serviced by a qualified technician so you can be sure that it will run smoothly. As part of your own regular maintenance, be sure to take the following steps yourself:

1. Check outdoor units for visible damage or blockages that might prevent air from flowing. Replace damaged cords and power cables, as they can overheat and cause a fire.

2. Clean outdoor units with a garden hose to remove any salt, debris or blockages for continuous airflow during operation. Clean or replace indoor unit filters and, if the unit smells musty, lightly spray a specialised product, on the metal coils.

3. When switching on for the first time, your system should sound the same as it did last year. Any continuous unusual rattling or grinding sounds may signal a potential problem.

As for the pollen and mould issues, a Steril-Aire germicidal UVC emitter installed in your air-conditioning system will improve the indoor air quality of your home. The AC system’s damp, dark environment is a perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria, which the UVC Emitter eliminates, including viruses and debris. And it will help lower energy costs by improving your HVAC system’s cooling capacity!

Take it from us, your summer living will be easy if you follow these tips. But don’t undertake any significant repairs to your air-conditioning system yourself – always call a professional!

For additional tips, products and information on air-conditioning and dehumidifier system installations and maintenance, call BAC Ltd. at 292-0881 or visit our website at Or pop into our Showroom at 9 Mill Creek Road, Pembroke.

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