Styles for 2016 that are Easy to Implement

When it comes to home décor, there are many styles, designs, and ideas to choose from. So which do you go for? What’s going to last for years to come? If you’re selling, which is going to speak to new buyers?

At the end of the day it’s all up to you. The style and aesthetics of your home should suit you and your families needs. But there are some styles that are easy to implement, may keep buyers interested and make you happier in your home over 2016.

Mix & Match

Don’t be afraid of mixing vintage and artisanal items with your current furniture. You should not miss the opportunity to pair a vintage chest and Moroccan rug next to an IKEA coffee table.

Get Creative in the Kids Room

Ditch the TV in the kids room (or playroom) and replace it with something that will spark
kids’ imaginations. You can find chalk paint or magnetic wallpaper that looks like linen to create a space that can rotate and grow with their interests. Even just a simple bookshelf works. The extra touch could help potential future buyers see their kids in that space.

Efficiency is Key

On the whole, new construction is going more contemporary. Even those who choose to stay with more traditional exteriors are going with modern, open concepts on the inside. That means fewer hallways and tiny, wasted rooms. Open floor plans afford more useable space. An abundance of glass and lift-and-slide doors, designed to open and disappear, bring the outdoors in. Again, efficiency is key. Homeowners are better understanding that 100 percent of their spaces should be completely usable.

Get in Love with Options

In Kitchens stainless steel is still the big thing. But like granite, it’s pretty standard these days. You might want to take a chance on some of the new designs. For cabinets, think about some of the lighter woods or more natural-colored walnuts, or go bold with some matte lacquers. Ditch the boring tiled countertops and go for a quartz slab or try painted appliances.

Neutrals are Now, But Color is In

For those big-ticket items, especially larger purchases like sofas or carpet, make the safer choice of a neutral such as rich grey or camel. But big bold pops of color are well worth using. Trendy colors, like acid green or amethyst, are fantastic as accent pieces.

Go Green-er

Everything is going green these days. But today’s trend is also moving toward not just green homes but “healthy homes” or “wellness homes”. People are choosing materials, products, and appliances that are good for not only the environment but also their health and wellbeing. People prefer surfaces that are easier on the body, clean-air and water filtration systems, even “floating” cork floors and reflexology stone pathways help support musculoskeletal health.

Bring the Outdoors In

Bringing the feeling of the outdoors into home decoration is becoming wildly popular. From decorating compact apartments with greenery – to turning expansive backyards into adventures experiments in how to bring nature into every aspect of your home. The “modern shed” is also a new trend creating anything from an outdoor playroom to a one-man office space, allowing you time outside or to yourself.

Every style or design has it’s pro’s and con’s so choose one that speaks to you and your needs. At the end of the day you need to enjoy your home. Even the most risk-averse person should have some fun when building their dream home. Maybe you’re not ready to wallpaper all the ceilings – fine. But get on board with the glass and metal trends and employ both on your staircase. Just pick and choose your moments to make a statement.


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