Stone: The Perfect Solution for Your Outdoor Oasis

With so many features and outdoor options these days, people aren’t just settling for a boring patio anymore. Today’s outdoor areas are truly becoming living spaces with small touches to make them both beautiful and eye catching. Creative and subtle uses of stone (tile and slabs) can make any area a stunning oasis to retreat to.

We’ve all seen stone tile as a great flooring and pool option however these days tiles can do a whole lot more. Natural stone tiles add elegance to any space while tiles made to look like slate, brick or even wood have become popular replacements due to their easy maintenance, cost and longevity.

Besides using it for it’s natural beauty stone tile is being used a lot to create a focal point in an outdoor area. Over centuries, pops of color as well as stone patterns/designs have become quite trendy. Using bold colors, textures, or even mixing pattern tiles in an interesting way can create modern features that catch the eye.  From exterior textured fireplaces to exciting countertops to dynamic wall features, colors and patterns help create texture and tie-in an area.

We’re also seeing natural stone tiling being used more and more in interesting ways other than it’s usual flooring capacity. Stepping stone pavers, walkways, columns and even driveways are areas that most people don’t think to enhance with stone tiles. However, they become a stunning feature to a usually looked over area.

There are many sizes, colors, textures, types, and materials natural stone can be made from. Whatever the choice a good tip for outdoor areas is to choose one that is slip resistant (especially if used in pools and walkways), durable, and fits in with your design aesthetic. A popular stone tile for outdoor use is tumbled Travertine tiles, as they are easy to maintain, have a very elegant appearance, do not get “hot” to bare feet, add real value to your home, easy to install, and are excellent in the Bermuda elements.

Natural stone’s versatility and many benefits, make it a very popular choice over other materials. For a material that has withstood the test of time, consider natural stone on your next project.

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