Staying Connected

The power is out and your various devices’ batteries are quickly dwindling. What can be done? Turns out a lot. Here are our favorite tips on how to keep your electronics on and running longer:

  • Turn Off Vibrations – Vibrations use up more power than ringtones.
  • Dim Your Screen – Auto-brightness setting enables the smartphone to adjust brightness to its optimal level for reading while conserving battery life
  • Shorten Screen Timeout – This is the amount of time the screen is lit when we are done using it. Lock your phones immediately or shorten the screen timeout to save on power.
  • Switching Off When Inactive – switching it off for a couple of hours can save more battery than leaving it on sleep or inactive mode.
  • Close Unnecessary Apps – Close your apps when you are not using them, they are still running in the background and draining your battery.
  • Disable GPS – If you’re not using Location Services, and don’t plan to use it right away, turn them off and save some power.
  • Disable Bluetooth & Wi-Fi – Energy is consumed whenever your smartphone searches for signals, repeated searches for these signals can easily make your battery level drop a notch.
  • Turn Emails on to Manual – The less often your phone accesses a network, the less battery it uses. Save battery life by setting your phone to check your email every hour or even manually.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode – It will suspend many of the device’s signal transmitting functions which will reduce usage and save you power.

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