Spring is in the Air

As we head into spring, I’m sure you know at least someone who caught the latest nasty ‘flu bug’ that was going around this winter. And while some of us tried our best to avoid germ-filled surfaces, others sorely regretted not getting the flu shot before the season started. Note to self: “Flu shot next November”.

On top of that, we’re still dealing with the side effects of Bermuda’s damp winter weather – mouldy shoes, handbags, walls…the list goes on. Another note to self: “Cupboard heaters”.

So as you look forward to the warmer summer days ahead, don’t forget (and sorry to put a damper on it) the pollen counts, humidity and…more mould. This time, forget about the ‘note to self’ – prepare ahead of time to avoid the frizzy days and itchy, sneezy nights by cleaning your house in a different, more effective way: “Install a Steril-Aire!”

Germicidal Ultraviolet Emitter Solutions

Steril-Aire is a germicidal UVC emitter that you can easily install in your air-conditioning system to improve the indoor air quality
of your home. The AC system’s damp, dark environment is a perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria, which the UVC Emitter eliminates, including viruses and debris. And that’s not all – one of these magical UVC wands also helps to lower energy costs by improving HVAC system heat transfer and increasing net cooling capacity.


Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour in the air and promotes mould and dust mite population growth, which are both indoor allergens that can set off allergic sensitivity and trigger rhinitis and asthma. Usually naked to the human eye, these allergens live on countertops, table surfaces, carpet, pillows, and mattresses, as well as other surfaces. They also depend on warm temperatures and high humidity to live and grow so, to lower the mould and dust mite growth, keep the humidity inside your home at 50 percent or lower. Letting your air get too dry inside your house isn’t usually a problem in Bermuda, but if you do, skin irritation, difficulty breathing and static electricity are common problems that develop when the humidity is too low.

Get ready for every season – for additional tips and information on how to create a safe, clean and healthy indoor environment, call Energy Management Systems at the BAC Group of Companies, on 292-0881 or visit their website at www.ems.bm or www.bac.bm.

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