Small Business Showcase

Exclusive Advertising Opportunity
for Small Businesses!

• This page is designed just for YOU! A single page limited to only 8 – 1/8 ads.

• Promote and Showcase your products and services to those who can use them! Home owners, Renters, Home Buyers & Sellers.

• Island Living is Bermuda’s most widely distributed FREE MAGAZINE!

• Interesting content topics makes EVERY ISSUE sought after by our readers.

• We keep our rates AFFORDABLE so that any business, can promote themselves.

• Island Living also exists ONLINE where you can see all articles and our full E-Edition of the printed magazine.

• Take your advertising BEYOND the printed magazine with our E-Edition and social reach. SHARE and PROMOTE yourself in each issue with shareable links to use in your own social media.

1 Month - $250 • 6 Months - $200
10 Months ONLY $175 per month!

Island-Wide Reach

From our 5000 Island-wide copies each month to an over 10,000+ social reach of each monthly E-Edition!

Go Beyond Print

The entire printed magazine is available ONLINE as an  E-Edition and individual articles are posted. All are sent out through our social media and newsletters throughout the month.


We want every business, small or large, to be able to get their message out there to our home owners, buyers and renters!


We require all print ads to be provided in the following format:

  • CMYK
  • High Resolution PDF File

With a contract, your ad can be changed each issue if needed – to keep your advertising message relevant and current!

For further details and bookings please contact us.
Call 236-2025 or email

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