Real Estate is Active Again!

Potential buyers and tenants, sellers and landlords will be glad to know that the Start button has been pressed for physically visiting properties and Agents again will be out in the field showing properties.

If you are participant in a property showing with an agent, we ask that you help us to provide a safe environment for everyone by understanding and following health and safety guidelines as recommended by the Real Estate Division of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. I would like to share these guidelines with you so that you will know what to expect from your agent.

  • For the foreseeable future, to protect yourself, your family and friends, property viewings should take place subject to the following:
  • Viewings must be strictly by appointment.
  • All participants must complete and electronically submit the COVID19 Safety Declaration before coming to the property.
  • To restrict unnecessary risk, prospects will be required to provide proof of ability to purchase or a completed tenant application form prior to coming to the property.
  • Only one agent and 3 participants will be able to enter the property and unless they are from the same household they must remain 6 ft apart.
  • Masks, sanitizer, gloves, shoe covers should be correctly used.
  • The home occupant/s may NOT be present in the property during the viewing.
  • Attendees must wait in their car until agent advises they can enter

There is absolutely no obligation to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or at risk in relation to real estate activity during COVID 19. If so, the visit should be cancelled or postponed until a better time.

If you feel unable to visit a property, we are able to provide a Virtual Showing which is a Real-time (live) scheduled property showing conducted virtually via live streaming on WhatsApp or Facetime. This would be a private showing for an identified customer or client.

Bermuda has rested over the past 4 weeks sheltering in place and this has been an unusual time for us all. I have to say that I have enjoyed the time to reflect and catch up. My garden is grateful for the extra attention and is now full of colour and edibles.

I am truly grateful to our Government for the way that they have tackled Covid 19 and how they continue to adapt and rise to meet the challenges it presents. I thank them and all the service providers who are facing the Covid 19 threat face on.

Sharon Cranfield,
Chairman of the Real Estate Division of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce


NOTE: The Real Estate Division of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, is very keen to ensure that people understand that personal protection protocols need to be followed for the sake of all involved as well as their “bubble” which is family and friends etc with whom they have contact.

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