Protect Your Outdoor Spaces During the Storm

If you’re like us you love your outdoor spaces. We get so much use out of them all summer and more. So it’s only natural we also want to protect them over hurricane season. But what can you do to protect your green space? Turns out, a lot!

According to Home Depot and University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agriculture there are some practical things you can do to protect your outdoor spaces during a storm.

Right Tree – Some trees are prone to more storm damage than others. For example, trees that are shallow-rooted in soft soil have a tendency to topple over in high winds. Suggested wind-resistant varieties include sabal palms and smaller palm varieties such as manila and pygmy date. Carefully decide on the type of tree you plant in your yard.

Right Place – Choose varieties of trees that are well-suited for your landscape. Plant larger trees away from your home, power lines, and other structures. This reduces the risk of branches—or of trees themselves—falling on your home or knocking down power lines.

Prune – Thorough and frequent pruning can help make your landscape look nice. But, proper pruning is also a good way to help prevent property damage in the event of a potential storm.

Grouping – Planting groups of mixed trees together can greatly enhance wind resistance. The trees buffer each other as well as your property and other landscape plants.

Flower Beds – consider using mulch along flower beds and paths instead of rock or pea gravel. During a storm the high winds can pick up the rocks and make them projectiles, often breaking windows.


  • Bring potted plants, hanging baskets, garden ornaments, tools and anything that could become airborne into a shed or garage.
  • Move containers too big to bring indoors to a protected area; lay trees in containers on their sides and cluster large pots together.
  • Stake trees by driving 2x4s deep into the ground and strapping them around the first few feet of trunk. Keep ties loose so trunks can move with the wind.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Speak to a landscaping professional or your property management company for recommendations on how you can prepare your landscaping for hurricane season. These experts will have plenty of insight and experience to share.

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