Prevention is better than Cure

The Calm:

The Hurricane is on its way and your to do list just got a whole lot longer! Here are a few essentials for protecting your pool:

  1. Add a few scoops of shock to the pool via the skimmers before the storm to fight off any algae caused by dirt and debris blowing into the pool.
  2. Clear your pool deck and secure any pool chemicals, pool toys and patio furniture. It is safer to place furniture in the pool rather than it being blown in and damaging your pool tiles or finish during the storm.
  3. Make sure you are stocked up on pool chemicals and be sure to have a good algaecide on hand.
  4. Check your pool net for rips and tears as it will need to be in good condition to tackle any unwanted debris that has been blown into your pool during the high winds.

The Aftermath:

Once it is safe to go outside, follow these easy steps to give your pool a head start before your pool cleaner can get to it.

  1. Empty the skimmer baskets of debris so that the pool can circulate freely. If you are without power this is still the necessary first step to avoid blockages and potential pump burn out when the power does come back on.
  2. Remove patio furniture and any large branches and debris from the pool.
  3. Clear any other debris away from the main drain to make sure there is no blockage and add a few more scoops of shock and some algaecide. If the power is out this will hold off any algae caused by lack of circulation and if you do have circulation this will help to bring the pool back to its normal condition sooner rather than later.
  4. If you are lucky enough to have power, adjust your pool timer to run for an extended period of time or even overnight to allow for extra circulation. This will help to trap any dirt or soil in the filter and help to reduce cloudiness caused by the dirt, salt and debris.
  5. Add a few ounces of clarifier to the water to help ‘clump’ the dirt and debris before it reaches the filter and speed up the process.
  6. Lastly, check the weather channel to make sure there isn’t another one on the way!


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