Prepare for Stormy Weather 

Hurricane season is upon us again and reports suggest a more active season than usual. BELCO’s proactive approach to hurricane preparedness ensures that we are always ready in the event that a hurricane hits our shores. As an organization, we are dedicated to the safety of both the members of our community and our own employees.

At the start of each hurricane season, we review internal emergency procedures and ensure all necessary equipment and inventory is in place. When a storm is imminent, BELCO establishes direct contact with the Island’s emergency services, while setting up our own command headquarters to manage electricity restoration after the storm.

This year’s Hurricane Preparedness campaign focuses on the seriousness of tree trimming, as the top storm-related reason for outages is tree branches coming into contact with overhead power lines. In many cases, this is preventable by property owners cutting back trees and vegetation from BELCO power lines. It is critical, however, that the appropriate procedures are followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Although BELCO maintains tree trimming for its overhead main line system and major branch lines, tree trimming on private property is the responsibility of the property owner. If you plan to trim trees in close proximity to power lines, contact BELCO in advance at 299-2800 or at so that an outage can be scheduled to ensure safety. Refer to BELCO’s Tree Trimming Policy, which can be found on our website,

Take advantage of good weather to trim trees, so that you can focus on the more immediate tasks in the lead-up to a storm. This will make repairs easier in the event that power is lost.

Here is what you can do to help:

  • Survey your property and trim back the trees and vegetation no less than 10 feet from overhead power lines. Ensure they are maintained throughout the year.
  • Encourage others to survey their properties and trim any trees that could come into contact with overhead wires.
  • Look out for properties whose trees are in close proximity to BELCO power lines. If you see a property that has overgrown vegetation on major BELCO overhead lines, report addresses by sending information to or by calling 296-3408.
  • Use surge protection equipment to safeguard appliances and sensitive electronic equipment. Disconnect equipment when severe storms hit.
  • Have storm supplies ready and ensure that your property is secured and your loved ones are safe.

Be safe this hurricane season and know that the BELCO Team is ready!

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