Prepare for Stormy Weather with BELCO

Forecasters are calling for an active hurricane season, June 1- November 30. Please follow these tips to ensure you are well prepared and safe.

Check with your insurer to ensure your home insurance covers storm damage, including power surges and spikes that may damage electronic equipment.

Post emergency contact numbers your household might need in a storm including friends’, relatives’ and emergency services.

Ensure tree limbs are cut back, so they will be less likely to take down power lines in a storm. BELCO has a public tree-trimming programme, but trees on your property are your responsibility. Branches should be kept at least 6 ft. away from lines. If tree limbs are dangerously close to lines, contact BELCO on 955 or 299-2804 at least three weeks in advance so that electricity service can be interrupted while you are trimming trees.

Before the storm:

  • Unplug appliances and electronic equipment, and detach cable television to protect sensitive equipment;
  • Shut off valves on propane gas tanks and cylinders;
  • Fill bathtubs, sinks and extra containers with water and have household bleach on hand to purify water (one drop per litre or four drops per gallon);
  • Fill car and motorbike with gas;
  • Secure shutters and movable outdoor items; and
  • Make sure pets are indoors.

Have essential supplies ready, including:

  • Candles, matches; flashlights and batteries;
  • Battery operated radio (Emergency Broadcast station, FM 100.1 MZ);
  • Portable gas stove and fuel;
  • Fire extinguisher and sand bucket;
  • First aid kit with fresh supplies; and
  • Non-perishable foods, including powdered milk, manual can opener; prescription medicines; special items for infants, elderly or disabled household members, and for pets.

After a storm

If your power is out, check with neighbours to see if theirs is out too. If they have already reported the outage to BELCO, then you do not need to. Please call if power has been restored to your neighbours, but not to you.

  • To report an outage, call BELCO at 955. Please call only once, and only when the storm subsides, as crews cannot be dispatched in severe weather.
  • If power is out, turn off all lights, leaving only one on, so you will know when power is restored. Do not open refrigerator or freezer doors and don’t forget to unplug appliances and electronics.

Report downed lines immediately to 955 (911 if you cannot reach a 955 operator), even during the storm. Stay clear of downed lines and away from piles of debris that may hide downed lines.

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