Powerless in Paradise

The ice has long melted in the coolers. You’ve just chucked your last edible piece of defrosted chicken breast on the gas grill. The fridge is now empty and you know that tomorrow the daily trek to the grocery store will start. It’s hot. It’s sticky. There’s no cold water to drink, let alone pour over your head to cool off. A fine whisper of a breeze blows through the wide-open windows throughout the house. And… you smell. Because it’s probably been three days since you had a decent shower and the water in the tub has receded to within an inch of the bottom…

You guessed it. You’ve just come through to the other side of a hurricane and it’s not pretty. The only saving grace is that there are quite a few people like you – or so you thought. Because those numbers seem to be decreasing every year, as people realize that the agony of power outages isn’t something they will have to endure every time there’s a hurricane. No, those people bought a generator!

It’s a changed world out there. Generators have improved considerably (less noisy!) and are not just for single-dwelling households. They’re just as accessible for apartment and condo dwellers too. In fact, some of those multi-dwellers have clubbed together to power up an entire unit, which is a fantastic solution all-round.

But don’t leave it to the last minute to buy a generator, as you may not get the one you want. Prepare yourself well in advance by talking to the expert electricians at BAC Universal Electric (BUE) to size up your home and determine the generator that will suit your purpose and the requirements of your household. Both BUE and BAC have a vast array of generators from Powermate and Kohler to choose from – portable or standby – so you can power up your home manually or automatically. As soon as your power goes out.

There’ll be a harsh wind blowing out there one of these days…Just make sure you’re ready for the other side.

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