Pools in the Off Season

Out of sight but keep in mind these few important steps to ensure your pool is in the best possible shape over the winter months.

  1. Make sure your pool chemicals are correctly balanced before the colder weather sets in. It is harder for chemicals to react in colder pool water and when the season comes around again you could find yourself with an unbalanced pool.
  2. Cut back on your electricity bills by resetting your pump timer to run less frequently. Cooler mornings and darker evenings mean you can adjust running time by an hour or two at the start and end of the day.
  3. Make sure you continue to check skimmer baskets periodically for leaves and debris during the winter months as storms and winter winds can cause considerable mess and restrict your pool circulation. If your pool circulation is restricted it can put unnecessary strain on your pool pump.
  4. Whilst in the pump room make sure that all your pool’s plumbing and cleaning equipment are in good condition and remember that wintertime is the perfect time for repairs and replacements.
  5. During your routine checks, keep an eye on water levels and monitor for any possible leaks.
  6. Do a walk around with your gardener to determine whether you are happy with your pools surrounding vegetation and allow him to make any adjustments on trees and bushes that may have encroached on the pool and affected its general cleaning and maintenance during the summer.
  7. Use the off season to make any repairs to pool decks and tiles. A good power wash on a pool deck might be the perfect upgrade on the overall appearance of your pool come spring.
  8. After a Summer of fun and enjoyment your pool has been subjected to suntan lotions, hair products, beach sand, salt and more. All of these oils and particles have been collecting in your filter and it is probably time for it to have a good clean. Ask your pool operator about having a filter clean with detergent. Crusts formed in sand filters are the perfect hiding place for algae and the last thing you want when the warm weather comes around again is to be battling a green pool!
  9. Lastly, once all the above has been accomplished, jump in! We live in Bermuda! it can’t be that cold.

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