Pool Efficiency at its Best 

The heat of summer means lazy weekends and poolside lounging, peace and quiet and a gentle breeze. By installing an Intelliflow pump for your pool you can keep this summer dream a reality without having to keep one eye on your electricity bill or have your poolside snooze rudely awakened by the hum and whine of a traditional pump.

Traditional single speed pool pumps can consume as much energy as all your home appliances combined but with the programmable hybrid technology of an intelliflo pump you can rest easy knowing that your pump is programmed specifically to the needs of your pool, expending less energy and creating big savings on your electricity bill.

Peace and Quiet
Intelliflo pumps have introduced a new level of quiet to the pump world and are so whisper quiet you might not even know they are operating. Not only that, the Intelliflo pumps permanent magnet motor is engineered to eliminate the unpleasant high-pitched sounds associated with other so called ‘quiet’ variable speed pumps.

Slow & Steady
As you drift effortlessly across the surface of your pool, your Intelliflo pump is busy adjusting speed to circulate the precise amount of water flow that your pool needs each day. When water moves more slowly for longer periods, it helps reduce the occurrence of algae that forms more easily when water is pumped briskly and then allowed to rest for long intervals. With its ability to adjust speed, the Intelliflow variable speed pump can cut the pump speed by half and reduce the power consumption by 80%!

Peace of Mind
With Bermuda’s lack of rainfall and high evaporation levels in the summer months there is always the possibility that your pool level will drop below the skimmers causing them to suck air into the system. With regular pumps this can go undetected and in a matter of hours your pool pump could be burned out and quite possibly irreparable. With Intelliflo’s built in SVRS technology your pump will automatically shut down if a vacuum is detected in the system ensuring that no damage is done to your pump or pump room set up. Not only is this invaluable to protecting your equipment but the SVRS technology also works to detect any blockages in skimmers or drains providing a vital safety feature against suction type injuries.

Peace of Mind, Peace and Quiet and Efficiency at its best!

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