Plumbing – Top TIPS straight from the plumber!

One of the most joked about—but least discussed—aspects of running a home, has to be the bathroom. Like much of what goes on in the water closet (and a lot goes on in there), most people shy away from thinking too much about it. 

But understanding your plumbing system can save you a lot of time and money (particularly here in Bermuda, where water is such a precious commodity), as well as prevent the terror that arises when one of the most vital parts of your home stops working. 

We talked to Adam Hines, owner of H&H Plumbing, who gave us some really helpful tips from a Plumbers perspective, to make sure that your plumbing systems are safe, secure and running efficiently. 

If it says it will flush, it won’t

Be mindful of what you put down drains and in toilets. For example, there is no such thing as a “flushable” wipe, and one of the biggest threats to a septic system are the many items labeled as toilet-disposable. Use the trashcan for sanitary products and “flushable” wipes. For those and other personal waste, a lidded trashcan is a good idea. 

A leak isn’t just annoying, it’s wasteful

Repairing running faucets and toilets can save thousands of gallons of water and energy. The average leaking faucet wastes five gallons of water a day. That’s the equivalent of 80 cups! Enough water to hydrate 80 tired plumbers! Repairing a faucet or toilet is something that you can do on your own; if you’ve got a toolbox, you can fix your faucet. If in doubt—call a plumber—it’s worth the amount you will save!

That gets dirty?

Even though we catch rainwater for storage in our tanks, mineral deposits can build up in faucet and shower heads, preventing a steady stream. Regularly cleaning and clearing the strainers in both will help to keep your water flowing steadily. 

The trick to cleaning these items is to be mindful not to damage their parts as you unscrew them. Soak them in vinegar to clean and gently remove any mineral deposits from within the faucet. 

More peace and lower electric bills

Our water pumps are electric and, when in good running order, should click off shortly after it’s been used. If your pump isn’t shutting off quickly, a simple service will reduce energy consumption, save you money on your power bill, and stop you from going slightly mad at the constant sound of a pump running. Most importantly, it will ward off the risk of burning out your pump. 

Save Your Pump!

One of our worst fears at home in Bermuda is running out of water. Filling your tank is expensive and if the Island has been suffering drought conditions (like we are now), you could be in a lineup for service. Be conscious of your water consumption and keep an eye on the level of water in your tank. 

Help to ensure that your pump doesn’t burn out if you happen to run out of water and consider having a low pressure switch installed. 

See? That wasn’t so bad. There’s a lot to be mindful of with regard to plumbing and being conscious of these tips will, ultimately, save you money and help cut down on your energy consumption. 

With the holidays on the horizon, you now have some fascinating dinner conversation that will be sure to both intrigue and impress your family and friends. 

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