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This is not your daddy’s security system

Expert Advice from Peter P. Giacalone consultant for Bermuda Security Group

Let’s face it, security is not sexy. But for those of us who have made significant investment in our home and its contents and want to protect our loved ones, security is a necessary line item in our annual household budget. Even insurers realize this, and most local property insurers provide significant premium discounts for homeowners who invest in a quality, monitored security system.

The modern family is often on the move with busy schedules, so managing today’s household demands simplicity, security and convenience. Choosing a security provider that delivers on all three while fitting seamlessly into one’s lifestyle and providing 24-7 support is key.

Peter Giacalone, International Security Expert and consultant for Bermuda Security Group’s (BSG) upgraded monitoring station, weighs in on the elements needed to pick the perfect security system for your home or even your business.

A security system is comprised of three major segments – Detection, Annunciation and Monitoring. A world-class security provider must be able to deliver on those key elements as well as offer convenience, reliability and redundancy. Locally, BSG has been a pioneer in the industry, with the most solid infrastructure, technology and team
of experts.

Detection is the physical system that identifies any breach. In 2016, detection technologies have evolved to offer features that extend beyond simple security and life safety.

The systems that BSG installs today represent the world’s cutting-edge smart devices and can communicate with you and allow you to control your system from your mobile devices and smart telephones. BSG devices can offer mobile remote control, and scheduling of lights, thermostats, cameras, appliances and other practical functions to suit your lifestyle.

Annunciation is a bell, siren, light or other device at your premise. Although this serves as a local alert, it’s the communication to the monitoring centre that initiates some of the most valuable elements of your system. A variety of communication paths are available. Historically systems utilized a telephone line. Higher security applications also included a wireless radio communicator, either through a private or public network. Because of the ever changing and degradation of public telephone networks, we are forced to migrate away from telephone. Although most systems still maintain this method, some are starting to experience inconsistent communications which is a big issue when you rely on your security system. Radio is a great alternative, although it can come with a big expense. We now have Secured-Wireless that offers some many new features and controls and is more affordable, especially for systems that offer a retrofit option.

Monitoring is the power and thrust of your system. The BSG Monitoring Station is Bermuda’s only full service, robust monitoring system with high-level interconnectivity linking detection devices with local emergency responders, a monitoring team in Bermuda, and multiple backup teams around the world to respond to system breaches such as fire, or burglary. Although the people, equipment, facilities and interconnectivity are all essential they become inconsequential in the event of catastrophic outages. Our layers of backup (REDUNDANCY) are what separates us as world class professionals from the average players in this space. Monitoring relies on many components and lots of collaboration. Without true redundancy, as BSG has in place, for every piece of equipment, telecommunications and even telephone carriers, it’s possible that an act of God could disrupt the brains behind a security system. Living on an island where resources are limited, it provides added peace of mind knowing that your monitoring centre has redundancy that spans across the seas.

Ask questions and understand your provider’s capabilities to ensure they can deliver the best systems and services available.

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