Outside Living-Improve, Enjoy and add Value

Our climate in Bermuda lends itself to outside living. We all appreciate a sheltered shady spot leading right off the house for entertaining and relaxing. How great it is to be able to fling open a door year round and step out to a pretty patio!

Outdoor lounging areas are big draws for buyers. It’s a joy to show an attractive outdoor area that expands the living space. It gives added benefit to purchasing your home.

Upgrading patios and porches adds value for the homeowner. If you can utilize your outdoor space comfortably and often, doesn’t it make sense to invest in it? Huge changes in weather resistant materials have made things easy and introduced many exciting choices which are altering our style of living and bringing neglected patios, porches and pool areas back into our home’s useable space.

Any space no matter how modest can become a mood lifting refuge for evenings after work. By adding comfortable seating, a few lights, soft fabrics you can create your own welcoming retreat.

Quick and rewarding ways to beautify your outdoor room

  • Start by creating shelter for day or night – an awning, a patio umbrella, or even peg a canopy of fabric overhead
  • Decorate with plants
  • Find interesting vessels to plant with herbs and flower seedlings and water daily.
  • Wrap branches or drape pergola / canopy with strands of small outside Xmas lights.
  • Cover an outside table in colourful cloth and set with candles in jam jars and flowers.
  • Style to your taste with wind chimes, chandeliers, bird feeders, mobiles etc

Be creative and let your lights shine! Upgrading the exterior of your home makes your home a more enjoyable place while also increasing the value of your home in the eyes of the buyer. It’s a win-win!

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