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It’s the height of summer, it’s hot and it’s time to get all the use out of our outdoor areas as we can. Whether it’s a shady spot for the kids to play in the heat of the day or when that cool southern breeze hits in the evening, you want your outdoor areas to be as beautiful as the scenery.

This month our experts bring you ways to create dream spaces with tips and trends for everything from your pool to updating your outdoor furniture.

Get the dream space you’re looking for!

It’s your man cave, your garden oasis, your she-shed, your Shangri-La… with weather this good it’s all about your outdoor spaces.

We are in a fabulous position here in Bermuda to have weather people long for. Now it can be a bit temperamental but hey it’s not 54f in the middle of August like our friends in the UK enjoy! With this fabulous weather comes the chance to fully enjoy our homes both inside and, most importantly, outside.

Now there are a lot of options when it comes to outdoor living and many spaces you can enjoy. The choices are endless as to what you can do. But one thing is for sure, it doesn’t have to cost a lot to make your outdoor areas a sought after space.


I think we can all agree that comfort is at the top of all our lists. Who wants a space that’s awkward and uncomfortable to be in? The whole idea is that this space offers a retreat to relax and enjoy the outdoors. So comfort is key.

One rule of thumb is – the more comfortable a space is the more likely it will be used. The biggest way to do this is via the furniture. Choose pieces that are both comfy and functional. That way you’ve got pieces that people will love to be on, while also allowing you the ease of storage or the functionality you need. For instance, having a bench that also acts as a storage box for tools or toys (the less you have to go in and out to get things the more you’ll enjoy relaxing in your space) or buying stools or chairs that are stackable so you can have more or less room depending on the amount of guests you have.


Any space can become your own relaxing retreat, no matter the size. Be it a lawn, garden, porch, balcony or deck there’s room to create an outdoor space. If you only have room for two chairs, you can still create an intimate spot to escape (and sometimes those are our favorite places to be).

Think about what kind of area you have and what you’d like to feature. If it’s a small balcony do you want an intimate breakfast nook or reading area? If it’s a poolside deck do you want an entertainment area? If you’re a grill master do you want an outdoor kitchen Julia Child would be proud of? You’d be surprised at how easy it is to jazz up an area simply by focusing on what you want to do in it.


There have been a lot of new ideas for what kind of outdoor living spaces can be created. It’s no longer just your typical Margarita-ville bar outside. From hidden hideouts for kids to state of the art grilling kitchens to garden ponds to tricked out sheds these spaces are all where you can fully express your love of the outdoors.

The “She-shed” has become by far the most popular space in the past couple of years. Re-designing your old unused shed to create a dreamy retreat or kid play area has become wildly popular. Many sheds are being tricked out to create studio art spaces, reading nooks, play houses, mini guest bedrooms, a place for wine with the girls, anything! And a little magic to your outdoor space and think about those hidden relaxing places you could create.

It’s easy to create a space outdoors that you’ll love and continue to use. With a little imagination and some brainstorming you can have it. It’s all up to you, simply decide what you want to use the space for – sitting, lounging, eating or entertaining. A few minimal additions may be all it needs to transform an ordinary backyard into an outdoor kitchen, open-air living room or rec room that adds to the comfort to your home and extends the time you spend in the yard.

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