Our Realtors Weigh in on Their Favourites

This issue is all about contractors. We all come across them at some point in time be it at the beginning of a build, during a project or a simple home fix. We looked to the people who use them most, our Realtors, and asked them to give us their feedback and top picks for who they turn to for projects.

Where do you find one? How do you know they will do quality work? Who should you work with? And what type of contractor do you need?

Where do you find your contractors?
The overwhelming answer is via word of mouth. This offers clients a third party recommendation that is unbiased and based purely on their satisfaction with the product or service. Almost all Realtors used word of mouth or referrals to suggest or find their next contractor, showing us that typical marketing isn’t the only thing reaching clients.

What type of contractor do you seek after the most?

What type of contractor do you have a hard time finding?
Project Managers

What’s your favourite type of contractor to work with?
There was no specific type of contractor Realtors liked to work with however, they did list a number of qualities they’d like to see in a contractor. The first and foremost was one that was reliable. This was quickly followed by being cost effective and honest. Finally Realtors wanted contractors who were knowledgeable and skilled.




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