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We have a number of spaces that become bland catch-alls for our stuff. From closets to garages to laundry rooms to play rooms these spaces are hazard zones for clutter and disorganization. Your home needs to work for you. Making spaces that are efficient and well organized not only make your home more livable but also make your life easier.

Approach each room or space with a plan

Sit in your space and spend some time assessing what you like and don’t like. Envision the way you want it to feel and function. Before you make any changes, have a concrete idea of how you want the space to work. If you still aren’t clear on your vision, make a list of exactly what you need to accomplish in your space and develop this into your goal.

Clear it out

Once you’ve got a clear and specific goal for your room, you can empty it out. This process is vital for organizing a space because it allows you to assess the storage needs and organizational components of the room.

Use the tried and true technique of sorting your things into four sections: Stay, Move, Give Away, and Toss. Once you have a blank canvas and know exactly what needs to go into it you are able to make that space functional and beautiful.

Set it up for Success

Now that you’re placing everything back into your space assign specific living quarters to everything you own. Put things where they work for you such as vitamins by the juice jar or coat hooks in the garage next to the car.

Find shelving, boxes, baskets, etc.. that will help you keep organized and keep the space de-cluttered. Know who the people are who are going to use the space and how they need it to function. For example if you’re in the kitchen and have kids, move the cereal boxes, bowls and cups to a lower cabinet they can reach. Or if you’ve got a partner that doesn’t put away their shoes or teens who constantly loose them, leave a basket for shoes to be thrown in easily by the front door, to avoid searching or tripping over them.


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