So Many Options for Your Water Supply!

Bermuda Waterworks Limited operates two Reverse Osmosis plants. The Utility water is distributed via pipelines to parts of Devonshire, the city of Hamilton and to some of the western parishes. The company provides a top up water supply for clients’ tanks and it’s price competitive, since 1000 gallons cost $29.85 (if paid before the discount date) versus $120 for a typical truck load of water.

The company also manufactures Bottled water under the Pure Water brand. It is produced by Reverse Osmosis followed by Distillation. It is available in 3 and 5 gallon bottles that are made from Polycarbonate or Polyethylene – which is BPA free.

Island wide delivery is available as well as a Drive Thru service – which means no heavy lifting and a quick turnaround for busy clients.

We also have a 24 Hour Vending machine (see photo) for the purchase of water and ice at our lowest price point. You simply walk with your empty bottle and fill it yourself. The machine fills one, three and 5 gallon bottles. Caps are provided and some are available for sale. However, we encourage clients to reuse their caps. Ice is available in 12 and 20 lb. bags and twist ties are provided. The machine only accepts Credit and Debit cards.


This year will see improvements to our company’s website. We will also be embarking on a NEW program to better educate our clients about their Utility water supply.

Contact Pure Water on 299-PURE or

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