Making Your Loo Work for You

The powder room, lavatory, washroom, restroom, toilet, the loo, gents or ladies, the privy, outhouse, latrine, water closet… There a many names for this infamous room but one thing stays the same: it is the most important room in your home.

Lets be real, everyone’s got to go. This makes this room more than vital in a home. But just because it’s a basic necessity doesn’t mean it needs to be basic, quite the contrary. Creating a bathroom that’s a retreat for you, or better yet a place that’s an organized oasis, allows you to have more than just your basic bathroom.

Not many people realize a bathroom’s full potential. There are many small things you can do in this room to make it work for you. For a place with such low square footage you can make it feel anything but small. Maximize your bathroom’s functionality by keeping it organized and clean, and by being smart with your space.

Control the Clutter:

The Bathroom may as well be the home’s proverbial junk drawer. Think about all the products, prescriptions, towels, makeup, and other essentials that get thrown into your bathroom’s storage spaces. How often do you use them? And how easily it is to get to them?

First and foremost make a plan to clean out your old products at least once a year if not every couple of months. This will not only help you create more space but also get rid of products that can be potentially useless or even dangerous once expired. Check the expiration dates on vitamins and medications in the medicine cabinet. Throw away expired sunscreen as well. Ladies – make sure that you keep tabs on how long you’ve had your makeup.

THE GREAT DIVIDE: Go all out on drawer dividers to make it a breeze to get ready. Limit your top drawers to products you use several times a week, if not daily. Stash special-occasion cosmetics in an out-of-the-way bag.

LAZY SUSAN: Try adding a lazy Susan to your bathroom cupboard. This way you can just rotate it around whenever you need to get something specific, without crashing over every other product in sight.

Keep it Clean:

It might seem obvious to keep your bathroom clean, and most of us generally do. With the grind of daily life, we all can slack a little on tidying up, especially when it comes to things that we use daily. Don’t even mention doing that deep clean we all know needs to happen but are dreading to do – you show us someone who loves scouring the toilet bowl! But if you create some daily habits and do some small things you’ll have a room that not only feels clean but will be more enjoyable for everyone to use.

DAILY HABITS: Put things away as soon as you’ve used them – toothbrushes, moisturizers, hairbrush and lotions. Teach your kids how to wipe up the toothpaste from the basin after brushing their teeth, and make sure to hang towels right away.

STOP THAT MOLD: Turn the fan on before showering to keep the air circulating to prevent mold and mildew, and keep a squeegee in the shower for cleaning the glass after showering.

SPARKLING BOWL: Pour a cup of baking soda into your toilet, let sit for 5-10 minutes, then brush gently around the sides using a soft-bristle brush and flush. You can also use this solution on the outside of the toilet and the seat, using a rag to wipe and rinse.

LET IT FLOW: To get your shower head clean, fill a Ziploc bag with white vinegar, then submerge the head in it, securing it with a rubber band. Leave it to soak overnight, and then rinse with warm water. This can be done weekly for a deep cleaning.

Get Smart:

So your bathroom is small, that shouldn’t stop you from having a space that you enjoy and that works for you. There is always a way to create space and shelving to help you utilize your room to it’s fullest. Consider what you need and where you can utilize your space better. Do you have a lot of wall space? Is the area above the toilet being used?

SAVING COUNTER SPACE: Think about your hair dryer – you use it daily so it’s natural that it sits on your counter top, cord in the way and taking up valuable counter space. Create a hanging space inside the cabinet door or have a look for some great wall holders that can not only hold your dryer but also other electronics and knick knacks.

KNICK-KNACKS: One of our favorite Hacks to create more space is to use large or small mason jars attached to a board. They not only allow you to hold many things you’d use daily but does it in an attractive and organized way.

WALL STORAGE: Re-purpose wicker baskets. That cute basket that just doesn’t fit in your bathroom cabinet might have a purpose elsewhere — like on the walls. Hang two above your toilet to hold rolled up towels and discreetly hide toilet paper in a handy spot.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Consider using a spice rack, or even an old wooden ladder behind the toilet to provide you with more space or hanging areas. Both will take up minimal room with maximizing the space in that area.

Take some time next time you’re in your bathroom. Are you using it to it’s fullest potential? Is it working for you? Think about what you could do to organize your space better. Small things go a long way. So organize your space, create some habits, and use your imagination to make your bathroom a place you can enjoy.


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