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How I went from overwhelmed to confident with these easy tips from the Freisenbruch Meyer Group

We’ve all been through enough storms to feel like we could do them with our eyes closed. It’s easy to feel like we’re invincible to a hurricane because we deal with them so often. But with all the planning and preparation, it’s shocking and frightening when there is actual storm damage to your OWN home. What do you do next?

For me, when a massive tree came down and crashed through our large bay window, I truly was overwhelmed about how much damage this would cause. As the rain and wind continued to blow, I began to be more and more concerned about the insurance coverage I had bought for my home.

Luckily, the storm was over soon after, but I didn’t know what to do next. I had a living room full of water and outside debris and no idea how bad the damage truly was. Thankfully my insurance provider, Freisenbruch Meyer Group (FMG), makes up to date hurricane announcements on their website, social media and on the radio throughout and after a storm. So I knew to call them right away. Their staff were already in position to assist and support their clients in the claims process. It was all hands on deck for the FMG team and that reassured me every step of the way.

I called Freisenbruch Meyer and one of their helpful and concerned staff members gave me some vital tips that I wish I had done BEFORE the storm. But luckily I had electricity and internet access this time around. I wont be waiting this long next time!

  1. First and foremost they suggested I download their easy to use Claims App (either on IOS or Android). It was a great tool that allowed me to capture photos, write a description, and send my details directly to their claims team from my phone. I was able to download the app and submit my claim immediately.
  2. FMG also stressed the importance to continue documenting the damage. They suggested I take plenty of pictures and chronicle everything that had transpired in a journal. This allowed their claims team to better understand how the damage occurred and what everything looked like right after the storm. I also made sure to not throw away any valuable items that had been destroyed until the claims team had reviewed and/or surveyed everything.
  1. The FMG team also instructed me to start the clean up process. Until I could get a contractor, basic repairs were necessary. This required some materials to secure the window and protect the living room area. FMG informed me to hold on to any receipts for such since they could possibly reimburse me for it. As significant work was needed to fully repair the window, they suggested I talk with their claims team again before taking action and to keep track of all expenses throughout the repair process.
  1. One of the biggest tips FMG provided was to keep a continued diary of damanges throughout the days to come. It was important that I kept an accurate description of the damages at all times. They explained, in some cases, hidden erosion and destruction usually surface at a later date and its best to have a reference point as time goes on. Having this information provided a better understanding for FMG and greatly assisted during the settlement process of my claim.

In the end, a situation that originally overwhelmed me turned out to be quite straightforward and reassuring. We can be as prepared as we can be for a storm but the unexpected does happen. Knowing easy tips and steps to follow ahead of time, has now provided me the encouragement I need in case I ever went through this frighteneing experience again. I even shared my story with family and friends and they too have switched their home and car insurance to the Freisenbruch Meyer Group. Before the next big storm, I am glad to know my entire family and friends are in good hands as well. Thank you to the entire team at Freisenbruch Meyer Group.

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