Living Outdoors with BS&R Group

While our speciality may be custom cabinet making we have a special fondness for outdoor living areas and our T-Made Custom Carpentry division is seeing more and more projects featuring the outdoors.

Materials and trends are changing to where you can have a complete living space outside from decking and furniture right down to accents.  With Bermuda’s year round climate people are able to enjoy outdoor areas and create entertainment spaces that are worth investing some time and money in.

The Space:
When planning your outdoor space think about how you live and relax in your home and how that can translate to outside. This will give you a good idea of what amenities you want; do you want a simple patio area or a full-fledged outdoor kitchen?

A great deck or patio can make all the difference to a home and is a great way to increase the living space of your home. They can help create a room out of your outdoor space rather than just putting furniture in a grassy area. However, not all outdoor living space projects require you to dig up the entire backyard. As a good first step, try sprucing up the look of your lawn with a few well-chosen pieces of furniture.

The Furniture:
Because space is often at a premium in outdoor living areas, furniture and accessories have to do double-duty. Benches may have storage space underneath; tables may also be containers.

Adirondack chairs are a perfect example of comfortable long lasting outdoor furniture. Also known as Muskoka chairs these are a great classic piece for any outdoor area.  These have become one of the most requested pieces for our Custom Carpentry division. So much so that we have ready made pieces, loveseats, rockers, stools etc., stocked for purchase. This makes it easy for clients to walk out with the item they’re looking for without waiting.

Lets Build!
Ensuring your space is well made with quality materials can result in an area that is long lasting as well as functional.

Starting with a wood that can stand up to the elements and last year after year is probably the most important factor for outdoor living spaces. You want to have decks and furniture that will be durable. There are a lot of substitute exotic hardwoods that we use for decking Accoya and teak are the most popular and ipe, cumaru, African redwood, and tiger wood all offer a competitive price point.

These woods are also naturally beautiful which gives you plenty of options for finishing your furniture. From the rustic natural look to keeping them looking new and golden brown you can style them to your tastes. We can help you choose a finish or sealant to get the right look for you.

We are enjoying creating these outdoor spaces and building furniture that is functional as well as beautiful. Putting the time and money into creating these spaces ensures you’re able to enjoy the outdoors and host year round with some fantastic furniture made for you.

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