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The year 2020 will forever be known as “the year the world slowed down stayed home”.

As our houses became our safety zones and we were required to spend more time there, a few things became very apparent.

For some, we were reminded of the importance of family, friends, and self-care.

For many, self-care meant eating healthier foods, starting gardens at home, and engaging in exercise. It also meant completing lots of home projects, including DIY, decluttering and organising.

As we made decisions to enhance our overall well-being, we were creating “healthy houses” – and not just the sanitizing and disinfecting kind.

What is a healthy house?

Well, when life gets busy, or we are going through a transition of some sort, clutter can easily build up. And the results of clutter are real. Studies show that people surrounded by clutter are less productive and more distracted. Likewise, research also shows the level of stress is directly proportional to the amount of stuff we own.

Creating a healthy house means simplifying your space, which in turn can help simplify your life!

Here are six simple tips to help create your Healthy House – just in time for the social-distance summer fun that awaits us!

  1. Start Small

Many times, we think we must “do it all” and we end up getting frustrated and overwhelmed. Choose one day to organise, set aside one hour, and start with one area.

  1. It’s all in the Sort

We often don’t realise how many items we have until they are all looking us…squarely in the face…at the same time! But not to worry, this can be solved. Choose your area and bring all “like items” together, to clearly see what you have. Decide what you will keep, donate, or dispose.

  1. Decisions… Decisions!

This is often the hardest part of decluttering because we sometimes feel emotionally attached to our items. Use these questions to help. When have I last worn or used this item? Do I have several of the same item? Do I even like this item? Is it awkward to wear or use this item? Could someone else make better use of this item?

  1. A Home Within A Home

“A place for everything and everything in its place”. When items have a place to live, it makes it much easier to find or access them. Think of your spaces as being “divided into zones”, which are based on what you do in that space. For example, an outdoor area may be divided into areas for relaxing, gardening or laundry. Put items that you need closest to where they will be used.

  1. Mind the Mold

Less clutter means less chances for dust to build up. We know that dust and humidity is a tricky combination in Bermuda and can be trigger allergies and asthma. Less clutter also makes it easier to do a quick tidy up and clean up- who would not want that?

  1. Be a Smart Shopper

Once an area has been cleared out and, you can think about storage solutions for the remaining items (the stuff you really need!) Baskets, bins, containers are great for this! Sometimes you can “shop at home” and your “new purchases” are your old bins you’ve recently emptied. But if you do need to purchase items, (which is always super fun!) be sure to measure your space before heading to the stores, to ensure a good fit.

Local professional organizer Jodi Virgil of Organized Solutions Bermuda says, “When people are organized and have clear spaces, they feel more in control of their lives and have an increased sense of overall well-being, which leads to lower stress levels. We can design customised solutions for our clients to create a healthy house that brings lots of happiness!”

To arrange for a complimentary space consultation with Organized Solutions Bermuda, please contact Jodi at 704-3725,, @jodi_virgil_osb or visit

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