BULK – Lindo’s Takes it to the NEXT LEVEL!

Airy, spacious, and inviting, ‘Next Level’ is a game changer for Bermuda residents. Operating during regular Lindo’s shopping hours with plenty of parking of its own, the new addition located at the next level up from Lindo’s Devonshire completes “the one stop grocery shop”.  The complete complex operates Monday – Saturday 7:00am – 7:00pm.

Prices are competitive and with large isles, high ceilings and effective merchandising, there is room for everyone to browse with ease. You’ll find all the things, from everyday favourites to healthier alternatives, fresh produce, frozen foods, beverages, pet supplies and more. Brands like Member’s Mark and Kirkland Signature populate the shelves and if you can imagine, there is even a space dedicated for attractively priced electronics.


You can expect to find grill essentials such as six and four burner gas grills, griddles with a hood, plenty of charcoal and grill essentials. Spring storage containers are on their way as are Spring/Summer essentials such as bug spray, Off! Outdoor Fogger, this product is wonderful for patio entertaining as it lasts up to 6 hours.

To reduce the Lindos carbon footprint, solar panels can be seen around the property. The goal here is to offset some of the increased power needs. LED lighting can also been seen throughout the store and a more efficient refrigeration and freezer system has been installed.

The project was 6 years in the making and with facing pandemic delays and supply chain challenges, it has been the first major expansion for Lindo’s in 2 decades. Did you know that back in the 1960’s Lindo’s was first established as a Butchers Shop? With constant plans to grow, we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Derek Basden and Anthony Harris who have been working with the Lindo’s Group of Companies for years now are the achieved big bosses on site. Lindo’s always encourages customer feedback so look out for these men and make yourself and your experience known. It’s always helpful for a business to understand their customers’ needs and to strive at fulfilling them. Lindo’s has always been a community leader in this arena and there is no stopping them now!

Have you ever thought about the benefits are of buying bulk? Here are just 5 reasons why you should:

#1. You’ll buy less packaging waste. By shopping bulk, you buy less packaging waste. Many brands eliminate extra unnecessary packaging components when product quantities increase in sets for distribution. Rather than buying many individual packages over the course of a year, if you buy sets of 4 or 6 at a time, they are usually packaged in the same amount of disposable waste as that one item that gets packaged with heavy marketing intention.

#2. Reduce production and transportation miles. When you purchase multiple items packaged as one. Put your hands up for your contribution to saving out planet, every small gesture counts!

#3. You really do save money when buy bulk! In general, you save money when you buy bulk but do make sure to check the expiry dates because if you’re going through a jar of peanut butter in a month and you buy two gallons with an expire date within a few months you might not end up eating it all!

#4. Better Meal Planning. When you have plenty staples in the cupboard, it’s so much easier to plan meals with what you have. You’re also less likely to buy excess items weekly that will go bad when you have a meal planning base to start with in your cupboard.

#5. You won’t run out of what you love! This will also decrease your weekly grocery shopping budget because you’ll be stocked up on favorites for months to come after a trip to Next Level and can carefully plan what you need to top up from Lindo’s downstairs!

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