Let’s talk about Warranties!

Buying a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System is a significant and long term investment, so it’s important to buy one that will give the highest possible performance and value over its entire lifetime. When evaluating these criteria, there are two major factors to consider:

  • The Quality and Performance of the Technology, and;
  • The Financial Stability of the Manufacturers and Installers.

In recent months we have seen Solarworld, the major American supplier of PV modules, have their German parent company declare insolvency, while domestically they embark on huge redundancies and the possible closure of their Oregon production plant. Similarly Enphase, the leading manufacturer of micro-inverters, is facing delisting from the NASDAQ, as their stock continues to plummet into the world of ‘penny stocks’.

At BAC Solar, we believe it is critical to partner with only ‘Blue Chip’ equipment vendors that provide, the most technologically advanced products on the market, and have the financial security to stand behind the long term warranties that are typical of the industry. Our exclusive ‘Authorized Installer’ status with Panasonic Corporation gives us access to state of the art technology from a Fortune 500 company.

Panasonic HIT® modules are the most thermally efficient in the world and boast a temperature coefficient of just -0.258%, which is nearly half of the -0.50% of a standard silicon solar cell. Thermal efficiency is critical to achieving maximum performance in high temperature settings like Bermuda, where modules commonly operate at temperatures in excess of 50oC for long periods during the summer months.

Panasonic also provides the best solar performance warranty of all time, with a guaranteed minimum output of 90.76% at the end of the 25th year of operation! A warranty that is backed by a 100 year old, company, with rock solid financials, providing a secure and profitable long-term investment for home and business owners. Over four decades of R&D, rigorous quality standards and 20 years of mass production have resulted in Panasonic’s well-earned reputation for extreme reliability and exceptional performance.

The BAC Team Solar Philosophy

At BAC Solar we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the best technologies available at highly competitive prices, with the guarantee that our team of solar experts and carefully selected industry partners will be there when you need us, whether it be next week, next year or next decade! We look forward to serving you for another 60 years!

To find out more about solar energy for your home, contact Nick Duffy, Divisional Manager at BAC Solar.

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