Let Them Run Loose!

Tile and stone that’s safe for your home.

For many, “no running in the house” is not just a saying but also a major concern if their home has tile or stone, especially with young children. In most homes, it’s common to have tile or stone used somewhere and, when it comes to your family, you can never be too careful. As with most things, there are pros and cons, but you’ll be surprised at the safety benefits that are offered these days.

Tile and Stone don’t have to be a safety concern any longer. This is where choosing the right type, for the right area is key. We have many options today that weren’t available in the past and now, many feature non-slip surfaces.

There are quite a few options that have built in slip resistance and even more that are created with finishes that make them perfect for high traffic areas. Most of the tile and stone that we carry are created with systems like non–slip, skid proof, or anti-slip to ensure the safest surfaces for customers. Perfect for your active brood and for those members who just don’t know how to slow down.

Another wonderful benefit is how easy these new surfaces are to clean and maintain. For those concerned about germs, there is a huge advantage to these new types of tile and stone. Unlike other materials that hold stains, dust, smells, and germs among other things. The right type of tile and stone surfaces won’t hold on to any of these, a simple wipe or spray will clean it up beautifully. It’s hard to ignore how easy it is to clean and keep fresh year after year, making tile and stone material perfect for families, allergies, bachelors and so many others. You can breathe easy using them in your home.

Another benefit that many people don’t think about is durability. When other materials are cracking, fraying, warping, etc.… tile and stone will last for years to come. This is a wonderful benefit to your family’s safety. Things that wear away or break over time are not just another thing you have to fix but also a potential hazard for your family.

Let your brood loose and let us help you ease your worries with tile and stone. We can assist you every step of the way, from choosing your right option for you right down to its installation to ensure that it’s done right, and done right the first time.

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