Keeping Our Families Secure

When we set up home and watch our families grow, keeping them safe and cared for becomes our number one priority. With a global pandemic that has reframed what safety looks like in homes all over the world, it makes sense that what we understand as home security has itself been reshaped.

With work-from-home imperatives for many and long hours away from home for others with essential roles, the digital-savvy consumer now demands that their security system serves as more than just a burglar alarm. They are looking for an integrated system that will make their lives easier and will give them the peace of mind to focus on what matters.


Bermuda Security Group (BSG) has elevated the island’s electronic security landscape with its partnership with Paul Dean, of BSG, explains “We know the idea of security is so much more than just preventing breaches of windows and doors. The modern consumer is looking for something that will make their life simpler, keep them informed, and generally enhance their lifestyle. BSG is ready to deliver that to the Bermuda market. Our sales and installation teams have already helped scores of clients transform their homes and offices with”, an industry leader, has more than six-million active users around the world who rely on it for automation, convenience, and dependable security. With the smarter home solution Bermuda now has the world’s most user-friendly, customisable security solution with a capable on-island team for seamless operation. BSG has an installation team of security professionals to assess, install and then monitor and maintain these smart residential security systems.

SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST SECURITY systems can be customised not only to the unique structure of the physical residence but also to the individual quirks of its residents and their lifestyle.

  • Want your air conditioning cranked up by the time you get home? Done.
  • Want to unlock your front door for the repairman while you are out and lock it back once the work is complete? Done.
  • Do you want security lighting and features activated every night at 9pm? The system can be programmed to set it up and just as easily adjusted for exceptional circumstances and events. It’s not A system; it’s YOUR system.

Bermuda Security Group is known for its electronic security systems and physical security. However, they offer a wide range of other services such as Security Cameras, Personal Safety Solutions (Medical Alerts), Fire Systems, Access Control Systems and Executive Protection.

Call Paul Dean for a free home security audit and discover how can enhance your lifestyle at 298-2231 or email at

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