– a great way to knock chores of your to-do list! was launched in Bermuda in April 2014 to create a competitive online market place for a wide range of one-off jobs. From moving furniture, or apartment cleaning, to power-washing decks and small construction projects, the website makes it easy for Bermuda residents to find skilled Bermudians who can help them get their to-do lists done!

The website already has more than 2,000 registered users and at the time of publishing has seen over $100,000 of work advertised on the website.

The way it works is simple: job posters, who remain anonymous, advertise brief details their job and set a target price that they are willing to pay. They can even upload up to 5 photos of the job with the job posting to make it easier for interested Bermudians to know how much to bid. Each registered Bermudian “Jobber” is allowed to make a single bid on each job posting, saying how much they are willing to do the job for and why they think they should be the one chosen.

Jobbers collect performance ratings, which can be viewed by Posters as part of their pre-selection process. Additionally Posters and Jobbers can interact directly via a special messaging feature, which allows the Posters to remain anonymous while details are clarified. There is also an ID verification feature which allows Jobbers to upload a copy of their driver’s license or passport (which the customer support team will verify) although Posters often do their own “Google” searches to check backgrounds.

Once the Poster has decided which of the (often multiple) bidders to choose, they are free to “shake hands” via the website and at this point contact details are shared. The unsuccessful Jobbers are informed automatically by the website that they didn’t win the job, so everyone is kept informed.

The website operates a subscription model where $5 buys you 3 months of unlimited website usage, either positing or bidding on jobs (or both). You get your first go for free and the subscription only activates once you have either won your first job or chosen your first Jobber. It’s therefore completely free to try so please go to and join the growing Jobber community today!

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