It’s Time to Get Outdoors

This month it’s all about the outdoors! With spring in full bloom and summer right around the corner we’re taking our focus from inside to out. As Bermudians we are lucky to have so many options for outdoor living spaces and so many opportunities to utilize them. With such a variety of spaces here are tips to make the best of your outdoor area no matter the size.

Space Flow:
Every room is designed for the flow of foot traffic and that should also extend to your outdoor living space. No matter the size of your space your areas will work better together if you establish traffic flow. Walkways, potted plants, or even utilizing the direction of your wood decking will help permit free flow of foot traffic. It doesn’t matter how great your outdoor space looks if you cant easily get around in it.

Establish Areas:
Depending on the size of your area, creating zones for your outdoor living areas will help break it up as well as establish areas of use. For example do you need space to garden? Bbq and cook? Dine outside? Relax? Use different textures or rugs to break up the areas and create functional spaces.

Make Furniture Work Twice as Hard:
When furnishing outside make sure to have pieces that work double time. Furniture and accessories that double as storage, extra seating or lighting options are perfect for your outdoor area. Because space is often an issue, utilizing pieces that are functional as well as beautiful will create a space you can enjoy for years to come.

Lighting can go a long way into making your backyard into a magical oasis after dark. There are a variety of options you can use to light up your space from solar powered accents to hanging lamps to wallmount downlights. Hanging outdoor string lights have become a popular way to create a dreamy getaway. Combine a mix of lighting sources to create the best ambiance for your perfect nighttime hangout.

Small Accents Make the Space:
A patio can be a hot slab of concrete baking in the sun or it can be a welcoming extension of the house depending on the amenities. Accessorizing your outdoor areas with pillows, weatherproof art, water features, fireplaces or pits, vines or plants can go a long way into making your space enjoyable. Create a shady spot using pergolas or arbors to provide a much needed retreat. Small accents such as these create a living space that is both welcoming and pleasurable.

Whether you have a small balcony or extensive backyard following these tips will ensure your space is functional, beautiful and full of personal charm. Lets bring the indoors out and enjoy your summer in style.

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