It’s time to get Outdoors

Ah… the great outdoors! A place of greenery, fresh air, and sunshine – who doesn’t want to get out there and enjoy it? From a balcony to a patio to backyard, deck or garden we’ve all got our favourite place to hang out in. With so many people vying for those outdoor spaces, it’s time to think about what areas you can create for each of your family members so they all get to enjoy the outdoors.

For Him:

For most men the outdoors is their domain. The backyard and deck are usually the territory for a “guys guy”. But with roommates, kids, family or partners taking over it’s hard to claim an area just for you. Here are some areas you can create – just for him:


The first necessity in an outdoorsman’s arsenal is of course, the barbeque. We’re surprised these aren’t attached to the hip of most men but now that the weather is getting better you can return to the grill a happy camper. With the right setup you can do much more than cook steaks in your outdoor space. The right grill area can not only help you entertain but also give you a space to enjoy and master.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you want to build on your grill area an outdoor kitchen is where the action is. An open-air kitchen with food prep areas, a sink, fridge, or even a wood-fired oven can not only save you time going back and forth between indoors and out but also provide you with a space for entertaining. Whether it’s in the back yard in the suburbs or on a rooftop in the city, outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity because cooking al fresco feels less like a chore and instead more of a pleasure.

Bar Anyone?

For many in Bermuda a bar at home is a fun necessity. So a great outdoor idea for him is the addition of an al fresco bar. These are easy to build and set up depending on how elaborate you want to go. From a full scale built-in bar to a simple cart or wine stand it is a great central gathering place as well as somewhere to relax after a long day. Entertaining friends or having a date with a loved one this is a perfect area for those guys out there.

For Her:

Woman have been taking the outdoors by storm. Besides mastering entertaining, there have been numerous outdoorareas popping up just for her in the backyard:


This is a pretty standard one, being a traditional area for the ladies. But besides the perennials, the greenery and the foliage, the garden is morphing into something a bit different these days. More and more people are growing their own food, everything from a small herb garden to a full on mini farm in their backyard. Sustainable living is a growing trend for those who have the space. Creating a small plot to grow tomatoes, carrots, leafy greens, beans, and a whole plethora of fruit and veggies not only saves money but is also great for the environment.

Reading Nook or Art Space

Can you say she-shed? These kinds of areas are becoming wildly popular lately. Who says a shed is just for tools anymore? Utilizing these spaces gives a much needed oasis to retreat to. She-shed’s can be virtually anything you want but most offer a light bright airy space that is comfortable and just for her. From a reading nook to art space these are great areas for a woman to spend time on her own and get away from everything.

Sun Spot

With the warmer weather upon us, the backyard is the place to be. Having a sunning area set up is the perfect place to relax in the warmth and take in the day. Think bigger with this one. Instead of a simple beach chair or lounger splurge for a sun bed, like you see at resorts and pools, or find something with padding and lots of space where you can spread out and get comfy. Ladies, treat yourself for an area you can enjoy all summer.

For the Family:

With everyone’s busy schedule, it can be hard to find time to spend together as a family. That’s when it’s nice to have areas for everyone to hang out and spend some quality time. These areas will not only bring everyone together but they will also create
a fun space!

Outdoor Cinema

We are lucky to be graced with warm weather year round so why not take advantage of it. Instead of plopping down on the couch after work why not have an outdoor cinema and take in a show under the stars. Grab some comfy weather proofed cushions or utilize that great sun bed to lay out on. Project it on a white sheet or bring the TV out and gather together. Make it special with some fairy lights and popcorn to have the full movie experience.

Gather Around the Fire

Adding an element of fire can instantly transform an otherwise ordinary space into one that is inviting and warm. Whether you choose an outdoor fireplace, a freestanding chimney, or a fire pit raised or campfire style you’re going to have a great time gathering round with the family. A backyard fire is just the thing to keep you outside on cool summer nights, and it can be a nice winter feature in more mild climates. So brush up on your Kumbaya and get out the smores!

Water Features

For an island like ours a water feature is a necessity. If you can’t afford a pool there are other ways to create an area to cool off when the weather gets too hot. Bringing a little splash to your space with a kiddie pool. Don’t knock em, these days kiddie pools are so much more evolved than back in the day when they were these hard 3 foot round pools deep enough to wet your ankles. You can find some pretty decent pools out there for anyone of your family members to cool off in. Think about the classic sprinklers if a pool is out of the question or look for another water feature or game you can all have fun with – sometimes you just can’t beat a slip and slide for a good time!

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