Is your Family’s Drinking Water Safe and Secure?

As the saying goes, “Bermuda is Another World”. With the rise in health issues, an already out of control level of Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis and Necrosis, the one common denominator we all share is our method of collection, storage and distribution of our potable water. Is our water quality one of the reasons for these high levels of devastating diseases?

In Bermuda, our tap water (Potable Water) is not regulated. Decades of assumptions that our methods of rainwater harvesting, collection and storage is safe and delivers high quality water is simply not true. With this said, our tap water can still contain chemicals and constituents you don’t want to consume, cook with, or bathe in.

The Terrible Truth About Bottled Water

Although many people believe bottled water to be healthier than tap water, the truth is, bottled waters are not subject to nearly the same level of scrutiny and regulation, and the federal government does not mandate that bottled water be any safer than tap water. In fact, the chemical pollution standards for bottled water and tap water are nearly identical, and most bottled water brands are just filtered tap water anyway.

Why Do You Need to Filter Water?

Although bottled water is no cleaner or safer than tap water, no matter where you live, your tap (tank) water is sure to contain some chemicals and bacteria you don’t want to drink, cook with or absorb into your skin while bathing or washing your hands. In fact, research has shown that your body can absorb more harmful disinfectant byproducts from a 10 minute shower than drinking one quart)of tap water. The only way to mitigate these problems is with the addition of a (POU) Point of Use or (POE) Point of Entry water filtration system.

Where can I get a Good Water Filter?

Remember, a quality water filter will pay for itself quickly, especially if you typically buy bottled water, so it’s worth buying the best quality filter you can afford that will handle the particular toxins in your potable water.

Clearwater Systems Ltd. the largest water treatment company in Bermuda and has been supplying (POU and POE) systems for over 25 years. With over two decades of proven success in Bermuda, we are proud to represent several of the World’s leading manufacturers.

ClearWater Systems takes your “water quality” to heart. Our clients continue to enjoy the benefits of our “Whole House filtration & Ultra Violet systems” as well as our “Under the Sink” (POU) Systems. Our office software sends us a message when services are required on your system. This takes the worry away from you and confirms your systems are receiving the required maintenance needed to assure constant good quality water to all “Points of Use” throughout homes and businesses.

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