IPN’S TOP 5 TIPS – from years gone by…

  1. Run Your Portable Generator Every Few Months

Just like humans, generators need to get a little exercise every once in a while. Electrical experts agree that running your generator every few months will keep the electric starter’s battery fresh and charged. Before firing up your dusty portable generator, make sure it’s outside in a well-ventilated area to avoid breathing in harmful fumes.

  1. Assess Your Hardware

Spend some time on each window, blind and door to look at all of the latches, catches and/or barrel bolts to ensure that they are secure and that they are not rusted.

  1. Hurricane Party Ready

Host your friends so you’ve got company during the storm. Make sure there is enough space for everyone to comfortably sleep (as some storms last overnight). Ask everyone to come early to ensure they make it before the storm hits. Take some time to create that perfect playlist! Sit down and organize your favorite music into a playlist that pumps you up. Then dance the night away!

  1. Check Your Insurance Policies

The first step to being covered during a storm is to make sure that your insurance policies are up to date. If you’ve purchased new outdoor furniture or completed renovations on your home, check that these are reflected in your policies. Rebuilding costs tend to rise over time so you should review your “sums insured” annually to ensure you have adequate coverage.

  1. Power Up

What would we do without our devices right?! During a storm, it can be heartbreaking for them to die when you know you can’t power them up again. With a little advance preparation you don’t have to go without. The easiest step: take the time to fully charge all your devices from phones to laptops to tablets and any external battery chargers you may have. Don’t forget to download any shows and movies from Netflix and Disney+ to keep you and the kids occupied!


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