I’m having a KOHLER kitchen this year!

I’m the type of person who likes to think ahead of events – in detail. And a few months ago, my focus was already on Christmas Day. Specifically, the moment in the day when the turkey is cooked and it’s time to clean the massive pan I cooked it in. So, in the true spirit of “I’m going to save myself the grief again this year”, I decided to give myself an early Christmas gift – a new kitchen sink and faucet. Gone will be the days of clunking my pots and pans in a too-small sink under a too-short tap!

I will also admit – I’m fussy. I don’t want just any old sink and faucet. I want a nice, big, deep sink with a high faucet that I can pull in all directions to clean every corner of the pan. And I want something that’s built to last. And it has to be beautiful to look at.

In other words, I want KOHLER.

So I took myself off to the only Kohler Showroom (at BAC) on the Island to talk to someone who I knew would help me find my dream sink and faucet.

The first person I see on entering is Yolanda Hypolite, and her reassuring tone is the first voice I hear, “Good morning! How can I help?” I am thrilled. Everyone knows Yolanda’s an expert on everything Kohler! I tell her exactly what I’m looking for and she leads me into the brilliant white Kohler Showroom.

I expect to stop at the sinks. We don’t. Nor at the faucets (so many to choose from!). No, we continue to a desk in the far corner, with a television screen perched above. I’m bemused – are we going to watch a movie? Uh, no. Yolanda pulls up an interactive guide on the main Kohler website – “How to Shop for Kitchen Products”. Wow, this is more involved than I thought!

What I didn’t realise was that you can’t just shop for a sink and faucet at Kohler. No, no, no! With the number of options to choose from, you’ve got to do some very serious, deep thinking about that sink and that faucet. The interactive guide takes you through a series of questions that, with the human help of Yolanda, will make sure you walk out of that Showroom knowing you’re going to have a sink and faucet (and maybe a few other things) that will keep you happy in the kitchen for a very long time!

Of course, you can look at the interactive guide at any time on your own computer at home, but I really would recommend you go to the Kohler Showroom to make your final choices. The Sales team in the Showroom know how to guide you through quickly and easily, keeping you on track with your choices. Yolanda was quick to point out with my first selection, “You really need to think about the finish on that faucet and make sure it matches and gels with everything else. You want it to look seamless – not stand out.” That’s true.

Needless to say, after half an hour of going through the guide and walking over to look at the array of sinks in the Showroom to make up my mind, I managed to choose an under-mount, double-equal sink with a Smart Divide® configuration (for those big pans!) made of KOHLER enamelled cast iron. But the sink shopping didn’t stop there! I also walked away with an order for a sink rack and basket, cutting board and colander, and soap and lotion dispensers – all customised to fit!

Once the sink was chosen, we proceeded through another interactive guide to find the faucet of my dreams, which didn’t take long as I had a good idea of what I was looking for. A gorgeous pull-down, with touchless Response® technology (no need to touch the faucet with my grubby, greasy turkey fingers!) and a polished chrome finish. I’m in love.

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