Hurricane Season 2018

In Bermuda, it feels like we have it down to a fine art and for many, a hurricane doesn’t bring up much cause for concern. But complacency could mean disaster for home owners and renters alike. It’s time to make life easier when a storm comes in raging. From powering up to planting in the right areas of your yard, knowing the process for a damage claim or simply entertaining yourself during the storm, we’ve got the answers! Make sure you’re prepared and then step back and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Hurricane Prep for Maximum Entertainment

Power up – What would we do without our devices right?! During a storm it can be heartbreaking for them to die when you know you can’t power them up again. With a little storm prep you don’t have to go without. The easiest step: Take the time to fully charge all your devices from phones to laptops to tablets.

Next Level… Grab some portable batteries or chargers. These little guys are perfect to use when you don’t have access to a plug or power. With these guys you’ve got an extra boost once your devices go out.

Social Media – These days it’s all about staying connected and informed. With the power out social media is the perfect way to stay informed on how the storm is progressing.Make sure to follow Bermuda Weather Service and other emergency services during the storm for updates and info. Finally use social media to stay connected with friends and family throughout the storm and let them know you’re safe.

Next Level… If power levels drop on your device or data is maxed out, go old school with a wind up or battery powered radio to stay informed.

Netflix Binge – A somewhat new feature on Netflix is their download option. A great way to pass through the storm when you’re internet is down is binge watching your favorite shows. If you know a storm is coming pre-download a bunch of movies and shows to help you pass the time no internet required. Curl up and enjoy!

Next Level… Save some of your favorite movies or shows on a USP so you can take them anywhere. Plug them into your TV or laptop for instant entertainment.

Max Power Saving – There is a lot you can do to save power on your devices and keep them running for longer. Turn off vibrations, dim your screen, disable GPS, turn off notifications, close unnecessary apps and even turn airplane mode on. All will keep your devices lasting longer.

Next Level… Switch them off when you’re not using them. We know it’s a shocking concept but switching it off for a couple of hours can save more battery than leaving it on sleep or inactive mode.

Games & Books – There are a number of games and books you can download to entertain you through the storm. If you don’t have a lot of board games, many popular ones can be downloaded through your App store. From Catan to Heads Up to Pandemic to Scrabble & backgammon you’ve got ton’s of games at your fingertips.

Next Level… If you’ve got a VR headset there are some cool games you can partake in. Our favorite is “Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes” where 1 person is in a VR world with a bomb trying to diffuse it and the rest of the group is outside with the manuals trying to talk them through it. Definitely a group activity you can all get invested in!

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