Hurricane Essentials: Making that important trip to the grocery store

It’s good to prepare for a hurricane a few days in advance. In addition to blocking your drains on the roof, closing the shutters, bringing in the outdoor furniture and checking on loved ones, you should also take a trip to the grocery store.

There are many things available at the grocery store that can help you prepare for a hurricane. In case of a power outage, you need to get the right kinds of food. You need non-perishable foods like canned soup, canned meat like tuna, pasta, bottled spaghetti sauce, and bread. In addition you can purchase items like peanut butter, canned fruit and vegetables and snack items. Some of the foods you buy will be able to be eaten without any preparation, but others require the use of a stove. If you have a gas stove, then you are able to cook pasta, soups and other meals.

A very important item to purchase is bottled water. During a power outage, which could last for several days after a big storm, your pump will not work and you will not have access to water for bathing, cleaning, cooking or drinking. Grocery stores have a wide variety of bottled water from large containers to small ones to meet your needs during this time.

You also need batteries for your flashlights and radios. Your flashlight will help you see in the dark and your radio will give you information on the storm and services available afterwards. Make sure you get to the store quickly once you know a storm is coming to make sure you get the batteries you need. You can also purchase buckets at the grocery store which you can use for filling with water.

Stocking up on your medications is important in case you should need them during a time when it is not possible to get to the store, either during the actual storm or afterwards when the roads are impassable.

Getting ice for your cooler just before the storm comes gives you a place to put the most important perishable items like milk if your power should go out and your fridge not work. Afterwards, shop day to day for perishable items such as milk, meat, and vegetables and place these items in your cooler with fresh ice.

Doing all of this will ensure that you are prepared and safe during the storm.

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