Lindos – How to be the Perfect Guest in 2020

This year is a little bit different, and though we all want to do our best to adhere to social distancing and keeping each other safe. It’s still possible to enjoy some festive delights, so grab some rum and that eggnog, we’ve got some celebrating to do!

For many, finding the time to make an intricate treat to bring along can be a real trial. Lindo’s has some solutions to help you through this season!

Come Prepared:

There is always something someone has forgotten to bring. Be it napkins, trash bags, or condiments. Ask your host if there are any last-minute supplies that need to be collected on your way over. You’ll always go down in the good books when you can quickly save the day. Don’t forget some extra hand sanitiser or wipes.

Think about prompting your friends to hold any small gatherings in outdoor spaces that are well ventilated, thankfully Bermuda’s mild winter makes for a perfect garden party season!

Work on Your Skills:

Don’t ever be scared to try your hand at some new or exciting recipes. The holiday season is a perfect time to perfect your skills, fine-tune that party punch recipe, bake some gingerbread men, assemble a customised charcuterie board, or bake some fresh bread rolls.

The world is your oyster. We have a fantastic selection of ingredients for even your most exotic recipe ideas. You can find our weekly recipes on our website
( for some inspiration.

Take the Stress Off:

Being busy over the holidays is not uncommon, most people would tell you there aren’t enough hours in the day! Thankfully at Lindos, we are here to make your experience as smooth as possible, pop into one of our stores and peruse our extensive wine selection. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect bottle to present to your host! Paired up with some of our decadent cheeses or a shrimp cocktail platter you can’t go wrong with a quick stop in to grab your goodies on the go.

You can also simply order a cheese, fruit or meat tray in advance and pick it up the next day for an easy dish that works for any kind of party. They’re always a winner, and the plus is you can tailor it to the type of party that you are attending. We simply need 24 hours to make the tray of your dreams.

Enjoy From Home:

Some gatherings, unfortunately, will be canceled in person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy each others company online! Zoom and hangouts events are more prevalent than ever before in history.

Even if you’re meeting up virtually, you’ll want to have refreshments to enjoy! A bottle of your favourite wine or some prosecco for a toast, crackers and cheese, the choices are endless, and you don’t have to share!

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