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Whether you’re a new family, living with a partner or dealing with a teenage brood you need to feel that your place is safe and secure. That can mean different things to different people. From making your home safe & kid friendly to taking on new security measures to keep your family protected our experts can offer you tips and advice to help you achieve your own Home Sweet Home.

A Kid Friendly Home… Whether you’re Buying or Selling

Not every home is built for kids and not every buyer or seller has them so it’s important to consider a number of things when looking to sell or buy a home if you have children.


First and foremost kids, whether small or big, come with a lot of clutter. So it’s important to downsize the mess, and make your space less cluttered. Get creative with storage or purge some unnecessary pieces. This will help your home look larger and more appealing to prospective buyers, while also looking lived in.

It’s also important that the rooms in your home are clearly defined as to what they are used for. For example, a bedroom that has been used as a playroom for your kids should be converted back into a bedroom or home office. It will help buyers see it as a more useable space for them to work with.

Choose a real estate agent who has experience in selling homes with kids. A real estate agent who has sold homes in the past where there were kids involved will know how much is involved with showings and the preparation for showings. Make sure they are aware of how much time you need to prepare and if you have young children when the home is not available (i.e. nap times, feeding etc.)

Finally before you leave for a showing, do a quick walk around your home and make sure there aren’t toys laying scattered throughout your home or yard.


Safety features are a big must in a home you’re deciding to buy. How old is the home? Are there smoke detectors? Any mold issues or old carpeting? Is their fresh paint & electrical? Did the former owners smoke or have pets?

How many young kids live in the neighborhood? Check the stats, but use your eyes as well. Look for houses with strollers or trikes on the porch, swing sets for tiny tots, or cars with car seats in the back — all signs that point to future play-dates for your pipsqueak.

Are you able to walk to a park or playground? Having a park close to home can be a big bonus. Not only does it offer ready-made entertainment for your tot, but it’s also a good bet that other families with little kids live close by — so both of you are bound to make new pals while playing at the playground.

Whether you have children, expecting a child, or neither, the local school district is generally an important thing to consider when buying a home as well as access to public transportation. Besides the quality of a nearby school or transportation line, the school district also often times can impact the ease and timeliness of a future sale.


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