Home Security – Expert Advice for the Novice Homeowner

Security has always been something we have in the back of our minds. In today’s times it has become a growing concern. When it comes to real estate, renters and homeowners alike want to feel safe in their homes. Either to make sure they have an emergency plan or to simply ensure their homes are protected from vandals or burglars.

With so many options to think about, we asked Selectron, our Home Security winners for this year’s Contractor Award, for security advice and tips for renters and homeowners.

As a security company with over fifteen years experience, Selectron has grown from a one-man show to a partnership supporting a 100% Bermudian staff of twelve.

According to Selectron, the biggest issue in home security in Bermuda is that home and business owners are not pro-active in their security plans.  Most people don’t think to secure their assets until something happens. The biggest tip they can give clients:

Be pro-active with your security. It’s always a non-issue until something happens and you wish you had set up security for it before hand.

Once you have decided to be pro-active, the number one thing homeowners should think about to protect their home is the installation of a 24/7 monitored intrusion and fire detection system. It’s the first thing Selectron staff recommends having above all and the first line of defense for a home.

It’s surprisingly cost effective and a property that has a fully 24/7 monitored intrusion and fire detection system should qualify you for significant discount on both home and contents insurance with all of the island based insurance providers.

Selectron is known for their customer care and support so it’s no surprise that they stress to homeowners to do their due diligence when looking for security companies and systems to work with.

Make sure you are working with experts. Use an installation company with a great reputation that employ fully trained and security screened staff.

It’s no difference when it comes to using and installing the right security products and systems.

Listen to your security company or expert when it comes to recommending security systems or products. Make sure they are installing simple yet reliable systems that have proven technology and a solid track record of working faultlessly in the Bermuda climate.

They also had plenty of advice for potential home buyers (or renters) when looking at a new home. Some security vulnerabilities can be obvious such as poor outdoor lighting and easily assessable doors & windows. Something that is often overlooked is the existing security system. Most notice that there is one, however Selectron’s advice….

If the property has an existing security system, look to have this checked for full functionality and if not have it upgraded. Most miss this and just assume it’s working leaving them vulnerable.

Break-ins can be rare but they do happen. It’s scary to think about but it is something homeowners and renters should be preparing for and taking measures to prevent. Security precautions can vary from the extreme to simple common knowledge. Their top tips to prevent a break in:

  1. Install a 24/7 Monitored intrusion and fire detection system
  2. Display security signage
  3. Don’t leave valuables in plain view.

Finally there are a lot of exciting security tech solutions that are evolving in the industry. Network based wireless systems for remote access and total home control, automated door locks, and lighting, wireless water leak sensors and water tank low level sensors, wireless CCTV cameras and video door bells are all high on the list for home owners to keep an eye out for and invest in.  Selectron has made sure their systems are already doing this and suggest the following when looking at security tech…

At the minimum, find systems that are network based and come with very user friendly user apps for total remote access and control.

These tips should help guide you to find a security system that works for you and your home. A big thank you to the staff at Selectron for their helpful advice and words of wisdom for
home security.


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